Brian Albert Spencer-Droveney (1946 – 1994) was a British mechanical engineer and a soldier who moved to Altivebrio in 1986 to fight for the Alconbria Liberation Council during the Third Altivebrian Civil War. He worked as a senior weapons engineer for the Alconbria Military Industries till his assassination by the SNI on 2 July, 1994.

Prior to that, Droveney was a Second Lieutenant in the 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade of the Royal Army till he was discharged for misconduct in 1980. He held anti-American and anti-capitalist views, and vocally supported communism. He left to Cuba on 1986 along with his wife Elizabeth Droveney, and was one of the first people who arrived into recently conquered Puerto de la Libertad, and was enlisted into the Military of Alconbria. He saw action from 1987 till 1990, when his degree as an engineer and the ability to improvise weapons led him to work in the newly established Alconbria Military Industries.

He moved to Los Guez in 1991, and worked as a chief engineer in a regional plan, and developed fragmentation grenades and battle rifles. His wife Elizabeth worked as a doctor, treating injured civilians from 1986 till 1992, and then as a professor of medicine in University of Alconbria, Los Guez from 1992 till 1996. Brian also occasionally had lectures on the university, till his death in 1994.

He was killed in an Altivebrian airstrike on the newly captured town of Yelvenz in 1994. He was buried in the Grand Cemetery in Gvonn. His wife then served in the Ministry of Health, and joined the United Party for Progression in 2008, after the country's independence. The Droveney Avenue, Droveney Square and Droveney Boulevard are named after him in his honour.

He abandoned his son, George Droveney when he was 10 years old in 1986. George worked as a British government official for the most of his life, and stresses the fact that he considers his parents 'traitors of the nation'. His wife gave birth to a daughter, Anne Conde in 1988, who is an established Alconbrian film and television actress.

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