BE-4 crusing in Alconbrian territory, c.2000

The Bravonto BE-4 is a two-seat twin-engine all weather supersonic fighter bomber developed as a modernized variant of the American F-4 Phantom II by Bravonto Engineering in 1994.

The introduction of the BE-4 led to the creation of the Alconbrian Air Force; which with several other importer aircraft and international training proved to be the catalyst for the turning point of the Third Altivebrian Civil War.

The aircraft was officially retired in 2006, but resumed service during the 2014 invasion of Alconbria. 120 units were produced, of which 4 were shot down during combat while 8 crashed.


BE-4R - Tactical reconnaissance variant.
BE-4E - Simplified export variant, sold to Pakistan and Thailand.
BE-4 Interceptor - Interceptor fighter variant. 50 built, 49 remaining.
BE-4 Midano - Experimental modernized aircraft. 2 prototypes built.

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