The Border Security Force (BSF), commonly known as Bosecfo is the national border security force of Alconbria. It's objectives is to guard the borders during peacetime, prevent illegal immigration, unauthorized exit and transnational crime. The BSF has also been deployed in the Metsarbarros to assist the Opkerifforse in counter-terrorism and law enforcement, as well as in guarding the Alconbrian settlements.

The Border Security Force was founded in July 2008, comprising of 100,000 soldiers who were drafted from the Alconbrian Army and the Alconbrian Navy. The Alconbrian Coast Guard was a part of the BSF till 2012, afterwards it became a part of the military. The BSF had nearly a million employees in 2014 following Operation Pugno, but following the Graham Plan, the size of the BSF shrunk to around 10,000, but was reinstaded back to it's pre-2013 levels in 2015. 35% of the BSF is located in the Metsarbarros.

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