Bergamo Diamonds is a diamond mining, diamond exploration, diamond retail & trading and industrial diamond manufacturing company active in large scale diamond and metal mining around the world.

The company has had a monopoly on the mining market since the dawn of the 20th century, and as of 2016, owns more than 70% of the world diamond production.

The company was found in 1893 by financier Ernst Ziegler, diamond explorers Jackie Montana and Kenneth Long. The current CEO of the company is Ronald Bronsell, who took the position in 1998 following the death of it's previous CEO, Issac Fraudenstein. The Fraudenstein Foundation sold it's 50% stake in Bergamo Diamonds to the Bronsell family (40% to Ronald Bronsell, 5% to Chamberlain Bronsell, 2.5% to William Brosell and Edith Lyndon.)

Bergamo has widely been criticized for it's policies of mining diamonds in conflict zones, blood diamond production, price fixing, market monopolies, inhumane treatment of miners, collaborations with warlords and country presidents to illegally acquire money, and using deceptive measures to prevent the circulation of diamonds produced by it's rivals.

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