Battle of Molino


Altivebrian Civil War


Battle of Altizquerluga

Battle of Sidano


Altivebrian Civil War


1 February – 4 February, 1984
(3 days)


Altivebrian Sidano (present-day Mexico)


Alconbrian victory.


Alconbriaold Military of Alconbria

Sidano Altivebrian Sidano


Antonio Durán
Gabriel Inquiso

Gonzalo Rauzo
Manuel Rauzo
Samuelo Rauzo
Juan Gitorin
Alphonse Negrín


3,274 soldiers
5 jet fighters

5,984 soldiers
10 jet fighters


362 soldiers killed
936 wounded
3 jet fighters shot down.

3,912 killed
1,284 wounded
9 jet fighters shot down, 1 captured.

2,003 civilians killed.

The Battle of Sidano, also known as the Fall of Sidano was the Alconbrian invasion of the autonomous region of Altivebrian Sidano during the Altivebrian Civil War. The Military of Alconbria defeated the Regional Army of Sidano in several land and air operations, and conqured the entire autonomous region within 3 days.

President Felipe de Curtis declined to provide support to the Sidano army during the invasion, a direct violation of the Huizar-Rauzo Agreement. Air General Fernando Oliero y Silva diverted all air operations to the city of Molino to repel the Alconbrian invasion during the Battle of Molino. As a result, the poorly equipped Sidano army was easily killed by the powerful Alconbrian forces.

After the Rauzo government fell, the Alconbrians began their brutal rule in Sidano. Sidano became an important economic and military hub for the Alconbrians, and three of Sidano's airstrips began to serve as the headquarters of the rudimentary Air Force of Alconbria. Sidano also began to house several rocket launch pads, particularly for the Iumtio 600.

The Altivebrians were critized for not supporting the autonomous region of Sidano during the invasion, and the captured territory enabled the Alconbrians to establish ties with Altivebrio's next enemy, Mexico.

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