Battle of Altizquerluga


Altivebrian Civil War


Corvoviro offensive

Battle of Puerto del Sol


Altivebrian Civil War


28 February - 1 March, 1984
(3 days)


Puerto del Sol, Altivebrio (present day Puerto de la Libertad, Alconbria)


Altivebrio Defense Forces overall victory.


Alconbriaold Alconbria Liberation Council

Altivebrio Altivebrio


Adolfo Machiavelli
Nino Huerta de Soto

Gen. Juan Koverez
D. Gen. Ariel Montoya
Marshall Marcos Ortega
Cpt. Alano Elizondo


14,000 soldiers

80,000 soldiers


13,000 (Altivebrio claim)
8,000 (ALC claim)

28,375 soldiers
350,348 civilians

The Battle of Puerto del Sol was an intense armed conflict in the Altivebrian port city of Puerto del Sol, against the Military of Alconbria, led by Adolfo Machiavelli and the Altivebrio Defense Forces, led by General Juan Coverez.

The Altivebrian forces defeated the attacking Alconbrian forces, but could not prevent the capture of the western part of the city, creating a divide between the city. The Altivebrian government did not recognize this occupation, and the government ordered the army to frequently sent troops into the Alconbrian claimed areas. The government prevent civilians from leaving the area, which resulted in around 350,000 civilian deaths in crossfire.

Intense fighting took place in the city from 1 March, 1984 till 19 December when the Military of Alconbria succeeded in driving the Altivebrian military out of the city, reuniting the port city.

After the Altivebrian victory and heavy casualties in the battle, President of Altivebrio Felipe de Curtis ordered an offensive on the Alconbrian rebels.

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