Bloody Sunday


Altivebrian Civil War


Battle of Sidano

Battle of Molino
Main Street of Molino.

Altivebrian Civil War


29 January – 4 February, 1984
(6 days)


Molino, Altivebrio (present-day Alconbria)


Altivebrio Defense Forces victory.


Altivebrio Altivebrio

Alconbriaold Military of Alconbria


Antonio Falla
Alessio de Amaya
Felipe de Curtis

Sancho Sanchez
Nino Huerta de Soto


8,000 soldiers
20 bombers
15 heavy artillery

1,957 soldiers
5 jet fighters


592 killed
1035 wounded
18 missing
3 bombers shot down
8 heavy artillery destroyed.

846 civilian deaths.

1894 killed
1 defected

The Battle of Molino was an armed conflict in the town of Molina, 45 kilometers north of Los Guez between the Altivebrio Defense Forces and the Military of Alconbria, as part of the Altivebrian Civil War. The Military of Alconbria was led by Sancho Sanchez, a former trainer in the ADF and Nino Huerta de Soto, who attempted to capture the Altivebrian city of Molina.

After the Battle of Guzmanacamparo, Group General Fernando Oliero y Silva ordered all nearby to be fortified and must have an ADF presence to defend against any Alconbrian aggression. The mills and farms of Molino contribute to almost a quarter of Altivebrio's food supply, and the Chair of the Alconbria Liberation Council ordered Sancho Sanchez to capture the city as early as possible.

Unprepared, Sanchez and de Soto charged their army into the town from the plains, where they faced constant shelling from the Altivevrian artillery which they did not expect. Unable to get past the artillery without suffering huge looses, the Alconbrians retreated.

In a following day, the Altivebrians expected another Alconbrian attack from the south, and had their cannons and mortars pointed in that direction. But Nino Huerta de Soto and his army moved north through the plains, and attacked Molina from the north, which was it's weak spot. They managed to sneak through the town and managed to disable half of the artillery, before being killed by the ADF in a gun battle. Huerta de Soto and 10 other men escaped the town unhurt.

After the artillery was mostly disabled, ADF ground forces commander Lt. Antonio Falla called for a strategic bombing strike in the Alconbrian hideout. Air Captaion Alessio de Amaya sent 20 bombers to bomb out the know hiding spots of the Alconbrians, killing a lot of the rebels. In retaliation, Dario de Ribera sent 5 jet fighters from Guzmanacamparo to take out the jets. The figthers managed to shoot down only 3 bombers.

On the fourth of February, the Alconbrians did one final push into Molino, but were again thwarted by the ADF. Losing almost all of their resources and men, both Sanchez and de Soto decided to withheld the capture of Molino.

This was the first Altivebrian victory in the Altivebrian Civil War.

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