Battle of Los Guez


Altivebrian Civil War


Bloody Sunday

Battle of Guzmanacamparo


Altivebrian Civil War


20 January, 1984
(1 day)


Guzmanacamparo, Altivebrio (present-day Alconbria)


ALC Pyrrhic victory.


Alconbriaold Alconbria Liberation Council

Altivebrio Altivebrio


Dario de Ribera

Gen. Philip Azareas
Felipe de Curtis


5,000 soldiers

2,500 soldiers


1,384 killed
1,874 wounded

2,486 killed
10 captured
4 defected

The Battle of Guzmanacamparo was fought between the Alconbria Liberation Council and the Altivebrio Defense Forces in the forest settlement of Guzmanacamparo on the twentieth of January, 1984. Though both sides faced massive casulaties, the Alconbrian Liberation Council emerged as the winners. The Altivebrian General Philip Azareas was killed in combat, and was posthumously decorated with various military honours.

Guzmanacamparo housed the Murrala Guzman, an Altivebrio Defense Forces base and several logging stations controlling the timber industry of the Guzman forest.


The Military of Alconbria was soon created, headquartered in Muralla Guzman. It was controlled by Dario de Ribera. The Alconbrian military soon drove away and killed several Mayan and Altivebrian citizens, and soon claimed various kilometeres of land and created the Territory of Alconbria.

The Altivebrian soldiers were unable to destroy the equipment positioned in the fort, and as a result of this, everything came under the control of the Alconbrians, severely militarizing the Alconbrian rebels. In addition to that, several officers of the ADF defected to the aggressors, providing them with tactical and weapon training throughout the course of the war.

The Guzman forest fell in control of the Alconbrians, severly destabilizing the economy of that area. The buyers of the products produced there, found no other option that to buy from the ALC, which tripled the prices on all goods, creating the economy of the Alconbrian Territory. Along with existing workers, captured Altivebrian citizens who did not qualify as an Alconbrian were forced to work in the forests with no pay, everyone regardless of age, religion or gender.

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