Battle of Belem
Part of the November War
Date 20 – 29 November, 2015
(9 days)
Location Belem, East Brazil
Result Stalemate
Alconbria Alconbria Unitedresistance United Resistance
Supported by

Usa United States

Alconbria Gen. Mihareq Fitarozes
Alconbria Maj. Kirven Flynn
Unitedresistance Horacio Maldonado
Unitedresistance Paulo da Silva
500 soldiers
50 APCs
40 MBTs
75 attack helicopters
8,000 guerrillas
Casualties and losses
2 killed
87 wounded
1 APC damaged beyond repair
1,900 killed (Alconbrian claim)
1,200 killed (UR claim)
76,500–87,000 civilians killed (UNHRC claims)
15 Alconbrian civilians wounded

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