Battle of Alcacer
Part of Third Altivebrian Civil War
Alconbrian civilians cheering the ORA militiamen after capturing Alcacer.
Date 13 April – 19 November, 1987
(7 months, 7 days)
Location Alcacer, Altivebrio (present-day Alconbria)
Result Decisive ALC victory
Alcacer under Alconbrian control.
Alconbriaold Alconbria Liberation Council Altivebrio Altivebrio
Antonio Durán
Nino Huerta de Soto
Tomas de Ayara
Stephen Gomez
Eden Borge
35,000 50,000
Casualties and losses
20,000 39,000
60,000 total; including civilians

The Battle of Alcacer was an armed conflict fought between the invading Alconbria Liberation Council and the Altivebrio Defense Forces in 1987. The Alconbrians emerged victorious, after establishing full control of the city of Alcacer in 19th November, 1987. President of Altivebrio, Marcelo Vargas said that the army isn't interested in taking the Alconbrian-majority city of Alcacer back from the Alconbrians.

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