The Ballas are a large African American street gang originating from Los Santos. As of 2016, they have bases all around mainland USA. They appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and V's SP DLC.



The Ballas were believed to have been formed sometime in the 1970 in the city of Davis. They reached their height of power during the Crack Epidemic in the early and mid 1990s. Since their formation, the Ballas have had an intense rivalry with the Families and armed encounters between them still happen as of 2016. The Ballas maintained the upper hand in the Ballas-Families conflict, and took over the territory of Grove Street from the Families in the early 90s.

At some point in the 90s, the Ballas maintained the highest share in drug production and distribution in western USA. The Ballas were reported to have entered the weapon trafficking sometime in the early 80s.

In the late 90s, incarcerated Ballas gangster formed the prison gang set of the Ballas.

Several rappers who've had mainstream success were affiliated with the Ballas at one point in their lives.

The Ballas also got frequently attacked by a mercenary. That same mercenary also escalated the gang tensions between the Ballas and the Vagos.

In 2013, several Ballas in prison got acquintated with a Families OG, Stretch. Stretch agreed to defect to the Ballas. D, a Ballas OG was later kidnapped by Families gangsters Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, but he was soon after released after Franklin was worried that the FIB would manage to trace them.

Seeking revenge, D set-up a meeting with Stretch, Lamar and Franklin in the old factory in La Puerta, hoping to ambush and kill the Families gangster. However, D was killed by Stretch after the greens discovered the ambush. Later on, Stretch set up a drug deal with the Ballas and Families. The Ballas attempted to sell the Families a fake brick, however this scheme gets discovered by Franklin's friend, which results in a massive shoot-out in Grove Street. The three kill a lot of Ballas and escaped via jet skis. Rapper MC Clip, who was shooting a new music video was killed in the crossfire.

In an attempt to take revenge on the Families again, the Ballas use Stretch to tell Lamar that he should come to the Paleto sawmill alone for another drug deal. The Ballas take Lamar hostage as soon as he arrives. Franklin and two of his new accomplices later bust out Lamar and kill the Ballas in the saw mill.

At this point, Franklin is a given a choice to kill Michael De Santa, or kill Trevor Philips or take a deathwish. If Franklin wishes to kill either Michael or Trevor, the Ballas seize more power around Los Santos and establish a manhunt to kill Lamar Davis. Lamar goes into hiding during the day and can only hang out during the night. If Franklin chooses to take the deathwise, in order to cut all ends loose, Michael De Santa kills Stretch and some Ballas in the BJ Smith Recreation Center. It is unknown which ending is canon.

As of 2016, the Ballas are still actively engaged in drug trafficking and drug manufacturing. They are still on war with the Families and the Aztecas. Nasty B, a high-ranking OG signed a peace treaty with Franco Martinez of Los Santos Vagos, ending their gruesome gang-war. Even though the both gangs are at peace, any member of these gangs might occasionally attack the other gangs during drug deals.

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  • The Ballas have the least appearances of the gangs in V's SP DLC.