The Balib (Alconbrian language: Batalantoj por la libereco, 'Freedom Fighters' — Balib) was an Alconbrian paramilitary organization founded by Elvero Grevi in Altivebrio. It's aim was to create a totalitarian Alconbrian state by displacing and murdering the local Altivebrian population through the use of force. It was formed in 1968, and joined the Alconbria Liberation Council in 1983, and formed an integral part of the Military of Alconbria.

The Balib are well known for commiting the Plana del Derneso massacre in 1974, and the 1996 Sudemarmo massacre, which earned them recognition as terrorist organizations. They were also accused of ethnic cleansing and genocide. They are believed to have ties with several mujahideen organizations in Afghanistan, and later in Pakistan and Iraq. According to a UN report, Balib supplied the Bonsnian mujahideen with logistics and weapons.

After the Third Altivebrian Civil War ended in 2008, and Alconbria attained it's independence, members of the Balib merged joined the Alconbria People's Party, while almost all the soldiers were later drafted into what became as the Alconbrian Armed Forces.

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