Avor is a special economic neighbourhood/district of Warcrest City, located in the Crasigvein island. Avor is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in Warcrest, and features 14 identical skyscrapers for residential and commercial use. Avor was planned and commissioned in the mid 1960s and was finished by the late 1970s.

Avor is located immediately below the center of Crasigvein, and as a result shares borders with Zenobia, Chinatown, Grand Biscayne and Carverville.


Avor has one of the lowest crime rates in the city, and the lowest in Crasgivein. However Avor is located in the close proximities of highly criminal areas of Grand Biscayne and Chinatown.


While Avor was an initial success, it soon began to face declination in the mid 2000s as a result of the immensely high crime rate in Grand Biscayne. Buildings exchanged owners numerous times in that decade, and the last two buildings, 13 and 14 Avor Avenue were ultimately sold to a film studio.


The 14 buildings that make up Avor.

1. Roin Tower
2. McAdams Building
5. Lombank Building, Warcrest City
7. Kevin Clone Regional Headquarters
10. Nightstar Tower (HQ of DeciMaxx Entertainement)
13. 13 Avor Avenue
14. 14 Avor Avenue