His Excellency
Augustin Voimer

Assumed office 
24 July, 2029
President Siegfried von Gutenberg
Constituency Capital Territory
Preceded by Hidalgo Terrenz

In office
26 February, 2013 – 19 July, 2029
Prime Minister Joseph Allende
John Roberts
Enrique Morenz
Hidalgo Terrenz
Preceded by Ernesto Titeriez
Succeeded by Siegfried von Gutenberg

In office
19 July, 2008 – 3 February, 2011
President Paul del Santé
Victor Staurakios
Prime Minister Joseph Allende
Rafael Fuenmayor
Succeeded by Serv Mlenter
In office
19 December, 2011 – 25 February, 2013
President Ernesto Titeriez
Prime Minister Joseph Allende
Preceded by Serv Mlenter
Succeeded by Olevier Ventez

Personal details
Born (1969-05-25) May 25, 1969 (age 49)
Alcacer, Altivebrio (now in Alconbria)
Died June 8, 2055(2055-06-08) (aged 86)
Hersyn Horts, Alconbria
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Constituency Capital Territory
Political party Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Màrtira Podera (1997 – 2000†)
Relations Erwino Voimer (father)
Children Elonso Voimer (b. 2000)
Residence Aulo Esmiene, New Alcacer
Alma Mater University of Altivebrio, Alcacer (M.S.)
Profession Scientist and Politician

Military service
Service/branch Military of Alconbria
Years of service 1983 – 2010
Rank General of the Army
Unit 2nd Army (84 – 91), 1st Heavy Army (91 – 08)
Battles/wars Alconbrian War of Independence
Awards Iron Shield First Class
Premio Galanteco
Aurkako Merituaren
Order of the Alconbrian Elite

Augustin Voimer (born 25 May, 1969) is an Alconbrian politician and a General of the Army of the Alconbrian Armed Forces who is the current Prime Minister of Alconbria having been elected into office on 24 July, 2029. Voimer was also the fifth President of Alconbria, from 2013 till his resignation in 2029.

Born in Alcacer, Altivebrio (now in Alconbria), Voimer was able to escape the La Limpieza due to both his parents being important engineers employed by Maras Weaponry; who were able to protect them from imprisonment. Voimer joined the Arporleber in 1983, at the age of 14, as a child soldier. He rose through ranks, and by 1992, led his own team. He planned Operation Atom in 1993, in which a Military of Alconbria special ops team succesfully rescued 18 Alconbrian politcal officers held hostage by the Altivebrio Defense Forces. During the operation, Voimer was shot in the torso. He later took part in front-line defense during the ADF advances under Xavi Kohler, and is confirmed to have gotten 20 sniper kills during the Battle of Avarres.

Voimer was promoted to a General in 1997, and also secured a position in the government of the Territory of Alconbria, and he, along with Ernesto Titeriez was personally mentored by Paul del Santé. He also planned the South Central Altivebrio offensive in 2002, which was completed in 2006, a year before than initially planned. In 2007, he was promoted to General of the Army.

After independence, del Santé appointed Voimer as the first Governor of Altas, and made him a senior adviser in regards to defense and foreign relations. After the 2011 presidential elections in which UPP candidate Victor Staurakios won, Voimer was succeeded by Serv Mlenter; however after the removal of Staurakios in December 2011, Voimer was restored to his previous position. After the 2013 coup d'état was thrwarted, Voimer was elected as the fifth President of Alconbria by the Léialegis as former President Ernesto Titeriez wasn't in good health to continue his presidency.

After winning World War III, Voimer resigned from presidency, and was succeeded by APP member Siegfried von Gutenberg, who later appointed Voimer as the sixth Prime Minister of Alconbria. Voimer, at the age of 60, became Alconbria's oldest Prime Minister, and also the longest serving President as he was President for 16 years.

Voimer has always enjoyed a high domestica approval ratings, with the ratings never going below 70%. He is a renowed statesman in Alconbria, and an extremely powerful world leader, transforming Alconbria from a regional power to a super power.

Early lifeEdit

Augustin Voimer was born on 25 May, 1969 in Alcacer, Altivebrio (now in Alconbria). His birth succeeded the death of his elder brother, Pertin Voimer who died of perinatal asphyxia while in his infancy. His father Erwino Artrey Voimer (1940 – 1976) was a factory worker, while it is widely believed that Augustin's mother worked in the same factory as her husband. His father was severely wounded while working in 1976, and was transferred to a pocilga in 1974; while Voimer remained with his mother in Alcacer. His mother contracted a malaria infection in 1976, and was promptly arrested by the Altivebrio Defense Forces and imprisoned, and she is widely presumed to have been executed.

Voimer started his education in 1975 in an international charity school, but was forced to give up education after his mother's death. With the help of his uncle Srefio Garvezo (1933–2011), Voimer traveled to Cerla Nerva in 1976 to reunite with his father. He resumed his education in an Alconbrian-run community school. His father was arrested by the police in March 1976 during an overnight raid, and was executed outside in the streets as a sign of warning. Augustin was shattered, after having lost his entire family; and was adopted by his father's friend Ieir Safnaro.

He did his bachelors and masters degree in sciences in the University of Altivebrio, Alcacer from 1987 till 1993.

Military careerEdit


Voimer as a soldier during the Alconbrian War of Independence, c.1986

Voimer was introduced to the Arporleber by his childhood friends in 1982, and after completing the initial training, joined it as a child soldier at the age of 14 in 1983. He trained in an old scrapyard 50 miles south of modern day Puerto de la Libertad. In November 1984, he moved to Harfa to take part in the failed 1984 Harfa rebellion. After receiving orders to flee, he ran to the Safnaros who managed to take him to ALC-controlled Los Guez.

He later took part in the Vicero campaign, where he was wounded twice- during the Battle of Balsa and the Battle of the Arbol, and received the Karrupilot for the latter. He was temporarily incapacitated by a blistering agent attack during the Alcacer campaign in 1987. He was one of the first Alconbrians to march into Alcacer after its capture in November 1987. He stayed in Alcacer and successfully managed to defend the Dua Ĉeno from Altivebrian attacks, but his comrades stationed further from him failed, resulting Alcacer and other parts of ALC controlled Altivebrio to be isolated from the rest of the Territory of Alconbria.

After a shortage of leaders in the Dua Ĉeno, Voimer began receiving promotions. In 1988, he contributed a lot in achieving the objectives of the Durán-de Soto Plan which united all ALC controlled territory. After the Battle of Myur, he took a hiatus from combat and worked at the headquarters as a tactician. He received accolades for his strategies, bravery and tact, and since 1991, was part of the Chief's Council.


Augustin Voimer, sitting on an abandoned IFV holding a rifle recovered from the Sovenic Partisans.

After the death of Antonio Durán in 1991, he returned back to the Alcacer Command and returned to direct combat in 1993. He commanded the Operation Atom, in which he was injured while trying to save 18 Alconbrians held hostage by the ADF, and is confirmed to have gotten 20 sniper kills during the Battle of Avarres and 16 in the Battle of Koripientos. He became a General in 1997, and later moved up the strategic command. He also planned the South Central Altivebrio offensive in 2002, which was completed in 2006, a year before than initially planned. In 2007, he was promoted to General of the Army.

Political careerEdit

In 2007, he was appointed as the Chief International Affairs adviser to President Paul del Santé. He was part of the Territory of Alconbria's representatives to the United Nations, and other nations like USA, Russia and EU since 2001.

Governor of AltasEdit

After independence, the Hitzordua appointed Voimer as the first Governor of Altas, and he swore in on 19 July, 2008. He spent his first year amending the tax code, and presented a budget which gave a net profit without increasing taxes. He also reduced the legal automobile driving age to 16, and added stricter gun laws. He also amended the healthcare system by encouraging vast amounts of foreign investment, and signed student exchange programs with countries all over the world.

He also revived the rubber industry, which was dead since the beginning of the Alconbrian War of Independence. He also privatized several companies, and deregulated several industries, boosting trade and the economy. Voimer's Altas had the largest Malpuro Alconbrians population following the 2008 Malpuro exodus, with 73% of the earlier population still remaining. He also increased the number of police officers and national security guards, while reduced the number of prisons. He spearheaded the construction of Alconbrian Navy facilities in Nordahaveno, after the previous facility was destroyed by Altivebrian bombing in 1993 and hasn't been rebuilt since. He also eased restrictions on smoking, whilst increasing the smoking age to 21. He ordered the construction of 2000 more schools, and increased the number of teachers by 80%.

He introduced economic reforms following the 2008 recession, and the Ministry of Economics passed an act in 2008 based on his reforms.

On 3 February 2011, newly elected President Victor Staurakios removed Voimer and replaced him with Serv Mlenter, a UPP veteran. He then led APP in Statna Altas, till Staurakios' execution, after which he resumed his job as Governor. Beginning from 2012, Voimer began supervising Alconbrian Armed Forces operations in Myanmar and Morocco. His direct orders in Morocco led Alconbria to win the Five Months War.

Presidency (2013–2029)Edit

The inauguration of Voimer as the President of Altivebrio took place on 26 February, 2013. The semi-formal event took place in the Orzers Theater in Lavaron Ses in Belmont, which at that time served as the tactical headquarters of the Government of Alconbria due to the 2013 Alconbrian coup d'état. Voimer ordered the army to take control of New Alcacer, and by midnight managed to retake the city and arrest and subsequent execution Adolfo Machiavelli.

Immediately after seizing power, Voimer began to reshuffle the top-level members of the Alconbrian Armed Forces and the Cabinet of Alconbria, firing nearly 200 Alconbrians who were alleged to have links to the Free Alconbria Group.

Domestic PoliciesEdit

International PoliciesEdit


A month following the Treaty of Belfast, which ended all hostilities between the CADC and the Allies, Voimer resigned his post as President of Alconbria, lamenting that his service to the Alconbrian people is finally over after leading the nation and its allies against the entire world.

Death and funeralEdit

Public imageEdit


Personal lifeEdit


Augustin Voimer was married to military lieutenant Màrtira Podera for 3 years, from 1997 till her death in 2000, during the Battle of Los Siras, when her vehicle was destroyed by Altivebrian artillery fire. She had one child with him: Elonso Voimer who was born 5 months prior to her death. Elonso has being living with his aunt Lohna Safnaro since 2008.

He is also the second cousin of Jordi Del Valle, and a distant relative of Flavio Villas and Centrin Rosrow.

Voimer has confirmed that he will not be marrying anyone again, and asserted his image has a cellibate man whose only mission is to protect the nation of Alconbria.


Physisians have suggested that Voimer suffers from congenital heart defect, phlebitis and insomnia.


Augustin Voimer was a soccer player during his youth, playing the position of a Goalkeeper, and also played tennis and squash during his adolescence. He, along with the First Lady have always promoted sports as a way of healthy living and leisure, and both address the nation during the Annuarapeix, the national annual sporting event.

He is also known to support Eswarey Harfa of the AFL and Cent Jenist of the Liga Korvapallistos. In 2013, he hosted a charity-football match featuring the cabinet members of Alconbria, with the money being donated to treating cancer and obesity.


As of 2016, Voimer's net worth is estimated to be around §1 million, which is vastly less than that of other high-ranking government officers. Voimer voluntarily reduced his salary to §1000 in July 2013, and is exempt from paying taxes.

Prior to joining politics, he lived in a tiny 2 bedroom house in Erwa Isit in Altas, which is the only private property owned by him other than a 2 acre orchard in Oak's Creek, Belmont.

Awards, honors, and distinctionsEdit