Antonio Durán, the President of the Territory of Alconbria and the Chief of Alconbria Liberation Council was assassinated on 19:51, Wednesday, May 15 1991, in Dekogizo Plaza in Los Guez. A team of five SNI operatives, led by Gilardo de San Martín committed the crime, and were shortly nabbed by the Arporleber, which functioned as the Territory's intelligence agency at that time.

Antonio Durán was returning from an Alconbria Liberation Council meeting at Tigro Urgas to address the nation following a victory by the Military of Alconbria at the Battle of Oxghrosse.

Along with Antonio Durán, three security guards were also killed by the conspirators.

The AssassinsEdit

1.Gilardo de San MartínSquad leader, fired the shots which killed DuránArrested and executed.
2.Ulbert TrevorezFirst to fire at DuránArrested and executed
3.Berto HalavarezSniper, killed three of Durán's guardsShot and killed by the police
4.Derek de la MasayaGunman, agitated the crowdUnder life imprisonment
5.Ylez MartonaCreated a diversion by unsuccessfully trying to assassinate Leon MacarezDied under imprisonment


President Xavi Kohler had extreme views on Antonio Durán and the Alconbria Liberation Council, and wanted them to be removed from the surface of the earth. When defeat was inevitable during the Battle of Oxghrosse, General Martin Olberz wanted something which would stop the Alconbrian assault. General Luis Villenz suggested something political would do, and then Olberz suggested the idea of a covert specials operations to assassinate the leader. When President Kohler was informed of the plan, he suggested to assassinate Durán over Paul del Santé, who was mostly in-charge of the offensive in the north eastern frontier. President Kohler ordered the Servicio Nacional de Inteligencia, on the behalf of the CCDG, to assassinate Antonio Durán within five days.

The operation was planned and executed in a time period of just 5 days.


Durán left the Urgas at 19:24 and stopped at Flavia Rossa's residence in 19:30. He left Flavia's residence on Palmez Avenue in 19:35, and was on his way to Dekogizo Plaza for his address following the victory at Oxghrosse. At 19:38, Ylez Martona was positioned at the other end of town, at approximately 900 metres away from ALC strategist Leon Macarez. Macarez was on his way to attend Durán's speech in the Estadio de Dekogizo. Martona fired at Macarez precisely at 19:40, but missed. He was tackled by a passerby, and was shortly incapacitated and arrested by the security forces. Macarez repeatedly screamed "It's not over yet! Francisco will take the shot!", leading the authorities to speculate about more agents involved. Another gun shot was heard on 19:44, and the security guards requested for back-up.

Durán received the news at 19:47, and ordered all his personal protection to protect Macarez instead, as he believed Macarez was far more valuable than himself. All of Durán's personal security, all except 6 in 19:49. At this point, Durán was walking through the narrow Dekogizõu Courtyard, with severely reduced protection. At this point, 11 year old Sophie Vargas screamed praises for Durán, and everyone awed at her. As Durán waved at Sophie, Ulbert Trevorez, who was seated in a chair adjacent to the President, calmly got up, approached Durán and shot him two times in his chest, before being disarmed and knocked out by Glovn Untriez, a bystander.

Derek de la Masaya took out his AK-74 and fired at the air, agitating the crowd. The crowd began fleeing, while the security guards looked after Durán, who now took cover behind a van. Berto Halavarez, a sniper positionded in the roof of the 2th Dekogizo Tower shot and killed three security personnel, as Durán was hidden from his view. Berto was the one who was supposed to take the shot killing Durán, but was killed by the security forces.

Not wanting the operation to fail, Gilardo de San Martín ran towards a holding a briefcase wounded Durán expressing that he was a medic. The guards reluctantly allowed him near, and he pulled out his Glock 27 and shot the dying President three times. Two shots went right through Durán's head, while the third bullet got stuck in his heart.

A security guard shot the pistol out of Gilardo's hand, and another stabbed him with a poison laced knife, rendering him unconscious. Gilardo, Derek and Ulberto were subsequently arrested and put into trial.

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