Dame Dr. Ashley Bronsell, D.Surg (born Madeleine Desrosiers; 1979) is a French-American physician and surgeon, who is the current Director-General of the Worldwide Health and Technology Association. She is a member of House of Desrosiers through birth, and Bronsell family through her marriage to Benjamin Bronsell.

She was awarded a Surgeon General's Medallion. She also received two of France's highest civilian honours, and was knighted by the Queen of England in 2010.

As of 2016, her net worth is around $8.2 billion.

Her tenure as the Director-General of WHAT has been the most controversial yet, plagued by allegations of corruption, nepotism, unethical practices, distribution of health products only made by companies affiliated with the Bronsell family, as well as amending and creating laws favouring the Bronsells. Controversies aside, she was re-elected and there is speculation that she will be re-elected again for her third term. Other controversies include allowing the use of genetically engineered food supplements in health and aid kits which collapsed the economy of several third-world & second-world countries leading to massive deaths, and as well as delaying the creation of endemic-curing medicines, creating panic, as well as commercializing the WHAT. She also authorized human experiments for select approved companies, all of them being owned by a Bronsell family member.


Ashley attending the WHAT General Summit, 2016


Ashley Bronsell in holiday, c.2016


Ashley Bronsell, leaving a Bronsell family gathering.

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