Flag of Arporleber since 1986.


Flag of Arporleber (1960 – 1986)


The Arporleber, (shortened version of Armeo por la Libereco; English: Army of Liberation) was a non-state guerrilla militia and insurgent group in Altivebrio which was found in 1958. It joined the Alconbria Liberation Council in 1984, and played an important role in the formation of the Military of Alconbria. The organization was dissolved in 2008, following the independence of Alconbria.

The Arporleber were a powerful army, comparable to the the Altivebrio Defense Forces. The Iumtio 600 missile was originally designed and manufactured by the Arporleber.

The party was found in 1958 as a socialist party, and was supported by the Soviet Union and Cuba. In 1972, the Arporleber collaborated with the Caburez Brigade to kidnap Altivebrian Vice-President Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola. In 1974, the political wing of the Arporleber was outlawed, and it re-surfaced solely as an extremist paramilitary force.

In 1975, the Arporleber took control of the Jiuvadez Hills Power Plant and razed it to the ground, disrupting power supply and caused a 10 month blackout in several areas of Altivebrio. From 1958 till 1973, militants of the Arporleber regularly skirmished the military stations of of the Altivebrian Polcilgas, killing over 1,800 soldiers. They unsuccessfully tried to assassinate President Ernesto Laczano five months after their formation. The Arporleber, as a propaganda stint, assassinated Laczano in 1961, though he had retired from his presidency in 1959. In 1970, militants of the Arporleber kidnapped the United Kingdom's ambassador to Altivebrio, Richard Goddard and exchanged him for ransom money worth upto $10 billion, which funded their future operations. Arporleber had control of Altivebrio's Giu oil fields since 1966, but never began oil production till 1982. A report by an international organization stated that Arporleber has received over $200 billion as ransom money.

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