Arnaldo Palma Tremosa (11 March, 1955 – 8 June, 2000) was an Altivebrian politician, poet and diplomat who served as the twenty-seventh President of Altivebrio from 1995 till a couple of months prior to his assassination in 2000.

Born in Pleforio to an Altivebrio Defense Forces general: Julio Tremosa and his second wife Adria Tremosa who served as Altivebrio's Secretary of Treasury from 1960 till 1972, and also as a National Adviser to Joseph de Odeo's government from 1979 till 1984.

As President, he encouraged the usage of guerilla warfare tactics against the Military of Alconbria, sponsored terror groups within the Territory of Alconbria and ordered several massacres against the Alconbrian people, with the most notable one being the Perpeytivoskezist genocide in which 1500 Alconbrians were killed by the Altivebrio Defense Forces during the war in August 1996. After losing major allies, he turned to smaller ex-communist states for help, ordered a medium rangr missile program and continued the usage of chemical weapons initialized by his mentor Xavi Kohler's regime.

After his Presidency ended, he became Altivebrio's Leader of the Opposition, and was a vocal critic of the Altivebrio Labour Party government and moved to Switzerland with his family, and week after his relocation, he was found dead in his villa. In 2014, his wife alleged a Valis Garantii assassination attempt on her, but it was denied by Alconbria.

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