Arima Vasiya, c.2015

Arima Vasiya (born 1977) is an Alconbrian pop singer, model, movie actress, reality TV host, fitness icon and businesswoman and a member of the Environmental Party, and also of the Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos.

Born in 1977 to Korden Vasiya, a doctor and Felaire Sweraterl, a high school teacher, Arima served in the Military of Alconbria, specifically in the Balib from 1995 till 2003, after which she was honourable discharged and began her acting career. She first appeared in ABC 3's Drost Alerjez, and later in ABC 2's Morvextea, in which her acting was critically acclaimed. Her first main role was Amisa Klen in ABC 3's Amisa. She began her film career by starring in A Lost Hope (2006) and Frelve Orprestas (2006). Her most successful movie was the political drama Prestito (2011). She released her first album Valho in 2012, which was one of Alconbria's highest grossing music albums.


Arima in her Panova Bluffs home.

She married film producer Trej Vrelteno in 2015, but they divorced after six months. She lived in Alconbria's film capital Lenwerrs till 2011, after which she moved to Samoca Hills, a GAP sponsored Alconbrian settlement in the Metsarbarros. She considers herself a nacioist and an extreme nationalist, who has called for the extermination of all Malpuros. In 2013, she built a viewing platform in her mansion and invited passerbys, her neighbours, friends, family and her fans to watch and cheer the Alconbrian Air Force as it bombed the Metsarbarros during the 2012 Metsarbarros unrest. Later, she was invited by the Alconbrian Army to launch and guide precision missiles from drones into the settlements of innocent Malpuros during the said unrest. According to her social media post, she destroyed 10 apartments, and had nearly 400 confirmed kills, while she displaced more than a 1000. She also went on a ride-along with the Alconbrian Air Force while their planes gassed the survivors of her missle strikes, killing nearly 800. In 2013, she was one of the 1000 celebrities who sent a letter to the Ministry of Power to relocate the proposed Galvenez Power Plant in Galvenez to the metsarbarros. Minister of Power Luis Fernandez then accepted the terms given the letter, and the power plant was moved to Metsarbarros, completely demolishing the village of M300274. In 2014, she purchased a modernist mansion in the newly built settlement of Panova Bluffs, which was built after destroying the Marononontillika Temple. She requested an armoured brigade to crush the Malpuro protestors outside her house. Though purchased, she never lived at that mansion after it's opening, preferring to live in Samoca Hills instead.