Antonio Durán

Antonio Durán, c. 1975

In office
19 January, 1984 – 15 May, 1991
Vice President(s)   Emmanuel Jiménez
Deputy Paul del Santé
Lieutenant(s) Sancho Sanchez
Dario de Ribera
Preceded by New position
Succeeded by Paul del Santé

Personal details
Born (1910-06-01)June 1, 1910
Cairo, Khedivate of Egypt
Died May 15, 1991(1991-05-15) (aged 80)
Los Guez, Territory of Alconbria
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Political party Alconbrian Action (formerly)
Children Vicente Durán (d. 1998)
Religion Frellism
Nickname Duro
Allegiance Altivebrio Altivebrio (formerly)
Alconbriaold Territory of Alconbria
Years of service 1928–91
Rank General (Altivebrian army)
Marshall General (Alconbrian army)
Battles/wars Second Altivebrian Civil War
Alconbrian War of Independence
Awards Premio Galateco

Antonio Grimarest Durán y Bravo (1910 – 1991) was an Altivebrian-Alconbrian revolutionary and a former Altivebrio Defense Forces General who, along with politician Emmanuel Jiménez created the Alconbria Liberation Council and fought for the creation of an Alconbrian state in the Altivebrian Civil War.

He was assassinated by the SNI in 1991, and was succeeded by his protégé Paul del Santé. He was buried in a grand monument in New Alcacer, and a victory column was constructed above his burial ground.

His son, Vicente Durán succumbed to his death after successfully capturing the city of Bobigorevia in the Second Battle of Bobigorevia in 1998.