Angelina deTomaso (born 20 June, 1980) is an Alconbrian politician and business executive, who is the nation's third Minister of Broadcasting, after assuming office in 2011. She is a member of the Alconbria People's Party.

She was born in Maharez, Altivebrio in 1980. She lost her father during the early days of the Third Altivebrian Civil War. In retaliation, her mother joined the Alconbria Liberation Council in 1985, and took part in various rebellions in the region. She joined the Military of Alconbria in 1997, and took part in the New Alcacer offensive in 1999, and later served in the Southern Frontier from 2000 till 2006, before retiring out of military service in the same year, and joined the ABC.


She is alleged to have taken part in the 2000 Fverlas massacre, in which over 80 Altivebrians, 60 of them being children were massacred by drunk soldiers during 2000 Egun Brezprávio festival. She denied any involvement, and said that the Fverlas massacre was a fictions story cooked up by the Altivebrians. However, in an Alconbrian language interview with Jessie Hernandez, she said "... I am a badass. I killed a bunch of fucking babies. But not like any ordinary murder, I did it topless.... and drunk. God you have to love the little noises those insects made when they died. It's both annoying and satisfying at the same time." She later elaborated the massacre, saying it was real, and according to her, earned §26,000; with §2000 per kill.

In 2012, she hosted the Draw a Malpuro contest, in which Alconbrian students drew racist caricatures of Malpuros and Altivebrians.

In 2006, she married businessman Alev deTomaso in a million dollar ceremony, and in 2010 gave birth to their first child - Glenna deTomaso, and in 2016 to her second child, Renn deTomaso.

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