Amy Boyd, c. 2013.

Amy Magne Boyd (born 4 June, 1929; née Bronsell) is an Canadian-American heiress, model and socialite, who under the pseudonym Amelia Stewart served as the chairwoman and the co-founder of the Forbidden Forests environmental activism group from 1946 till Amelia's supposed death in 1989.

She is a member of the affluent Bronsell family, being the daughter of Trafford and Elizabeth Bronsell. She married wealthy businessman and politician Adam Boyd in 1951, in one of the most expensive weddings of the century.


She also served as the President of the FAG-AFATRA, the labour union for film, television and video game actors and personnel, and controls production in over 200 film studios. She also founded the Knights Bachelor gentlemen's clubs in 1967, which has over 1000 branches in over 80 countries, and in 1990, founded the Empress Impress clubs, a lady's club, which was renamed to Dame Chivalry in 2000. She created her own beauty products line Oh, Amy in 2009; which is the second leading beauty products line in the world.

As of 2017, her net worth is estimated to be around $49 billion. Though she owns properties all around the world, she lives with her husband in her yacht the Lady Delights, which cruises around the Mediterranean, or her other yacht, the Regina D'America, on the west coast of the United States.


Amy, c.2017

She gave birth to three children: Laussane Beaumont, Hermann Boyd and Gretl Bronsell-Turnbull. Her identity assumption of Amelia Stewart was never discovered, any anyone claiming that Amelia was Amy turned up missing. She, along with her husband were Holocaust deniers, however, in 2011 she claimed the existance of the Holocaust, but claimed that Jews weren't delibrately executed, and only Poles, Slavs, communists, blacks and Romanis were.

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