Union of Altivebrio
Unión de Altivébrio
Altivebrio.png Alconbriactarms.png
MottoLa perfección para el Progreso
Perfection for Progress
Anthem"Todas salvas la Unión"
CapitalNuevo Seville
Largest city Neuvo Seville
Official languages Spanish
Recognised regional languages Yucatec Maya
Religion Christianity
Demonym Altivebrian
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 -  President Servando García Goyena
 -  Vice President Juan Espinosa
 -  Speaker of the Parliament Miguel Alessio Dominguez
Legislature Parliament of the Union
Independence from the Spanish Empire
 -  Declaration of Independence June 25, 1828 
 -  Recognition July 1, 1828 
 -  Constitution 14 March, 1919 
 -  Total 25,662 km2 
9,908 sq mi 
 -  2006 estimate 94,975,237 (15)
Currency Altivebrian lempira (AVL)
Time zone Central Time Zone (UTC - 6)
Date formats mm/dd/yy
Drives on the Left
Calling code +102

Altivebro (Spanish: Altivébrio), officially the Union of Altivebrio (Spanish:Unión de Altivébrio) was a republic located in Central America. Altivebrio is a coastal country, bordered with Alconbria to it's north & west, and with Costa Rica and Nicaragua to it's south. The capital and largest city of Altivebrio is New Seville.

Altivebrio was a union of two states, Guaterio and the South Yucatan States.