Altivebrian War of Independence
Part of Spanish American wars of independence
Date 4 January, 1823 – July 1, 1828
(5 years, 5 months, 28 days)
Location Altivebrio
Result Altivebrian independence
Spain loses the Viceroyalty of New Catalonia
Freedomcoalition Freedom Coalition
Army of the Delictivos
Supported by

France France
Usa United States

Spainn Spanish Empire
Newcataloniaf Altivebrian loyalists
Supported by

Uk United Kingdom

Lázaro Almonte Lombardo
Fulgencio Delictivo
Marcantonio Barbarigo
Garci de Portolà
Juan Xavier O'Gorman
Rodrigo Belgrano
Blazo Muñiz Linares
40,000 irregular
5,000 regular
25,000 soldiers
29 ships
Casualties and losses
10000 killed 4000 killed

Altivebrian War of Independence (Spanish: Guerra de Independencia de Altivebrio) was an armed conflict and the culmination of a political and social process which ended the rule of Spain in 1821 in the territory of New Catalonia. This war resulted in the creation of Altivebrio.