Alexander JoJo Smith (January 2, 1967 – October 1, 2005) was an American who worked as a janitor for a contract company.

Aquarius AttackEdit

On October 1, 2005, Alexander attempted to steal a car in Aquarius, Warcrest City. On seeing this, two police officers got out of their patrol car and attempted to intervene. Smith took out his concealed shotgun, shot and killed Officer James Ryden and shot three rounds to the face of Sergeant Al McLure. He then killed the driver and the passenger of the car, and then shot two other people on the street, killing them all, before throwing his shot-gun away.

Smith then got onto the car, and drove away, while being pursued by the police. He ran over 8 people, killing 2 and seriously injuring all others, before driving the car off the Old Bridge, drowning himself inside the car.

The car was recovered the next day, and was sold into scrap metal. He was buried in Charlatan Square Cemetery in Kobbalt North.

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