Alconbrian settlements (light green) compared to the Metsarbarros (dark green)


Jiménez City, an Alconbrian settlement.

Alconbrian settlements are civilian communities inhabited by Alconbrians built on the Metsarbarros, which are reservations for the Malpuros. Though illegal under Alconbria's own laws, the government still continues to build them. Construction began in 2009, and the first settlement; Servancia was built in 2010, and the second Samoca Hills was built in 2011. As of 2017, there are 19 settlements, with a combined population of nearly 400,000.

International settlementsEdit

International settlements are Alconbrian settlements built in territories won after the War in Central America, and subsequently, Operation Pugno. Settlers are mostly administrative officials and military members who live and work in the occupied lands, and after the Graham Plan, who work in the government of the Alconbrian puppet states. As of 2017, 200,000 international settlers exist, living in around 500 international settlements.

List of settlementsEdit


Downtown Servancia


Inside the settlementsEdit

The settlersEdit

The settlers come from mixed socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Settlements like Kayehertz and Tweliva are completed filled with Alconbrian agricultural and lumberjacks, who are the driving force of the economy of the settlements, while Samoca Hills and Palaco Valiso are mostly composed of millionaires and government officials, and over 60% of its residents only live over there for a few months, with the latter being exclusive only for immigrants.

In order to move to a settlement, a person must hold an Alconbrian Class 1 citizenship, and sent the required details to the Valits Extebizo office in their proximity. The VE has a 100% acceptance rate, and will then forward an approval letter, along with the details to the Metsarbarro Housing Board. The individual, then along with his family, would meet an agent from the MHO to discuss the location, land price and type of house. Individuals can move into pre-built or vacated house, or can order the construction of new ones. In case (s)he wants to construct a house, a team of engineers and architects will meet him to discuss.

Once the house is ready, the inhabitants will be briefed by a BSF security consultant about the emergency drills, and by a settlement councilor about the to-knows of the area.

Law enforcementEdit

5 of the 19 settlements (Jimenez City, Servancia, Fonz, Kayehertz and Flores) have their own law enforcement organizations while all other settlements come under the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force and the Opkerifforse. The areas outside the perimeter of the settlements are guarded by the Alconbrian Army, and every settlement has a small military presence and an emergency office.

Settlers are exempt form the Malpuro Laws, and are tried under the civilian laws of Alconbria.

Malpuro political violenceEdit

Violence caused by the Malpuros is largely unknown, due to the heavy police patrols by the BSF and the Opker. Alconbrian settlers are also easily allowed to purchase weapons. However, violence does exist.

On 10 December, 2010; a 28 year old Altivebrian Sergio Bernal sneaked into Servancia with a pistol, and shot 59 year old Driel Carojel twice, before he was tackled by a passerby and knocked out. Subsequently, an Opker patrol arrested him. Driel was shot in the stomach, and was hospitalized for 5 months. Bernal was imprisoned for life, and his family was detained for 27 years.

On 2 February, 2011; a BSF convoy discovered 10 Malpuros belonging to the Mayan Liberation Front travelling to the construction site of Samoca Hills to blow it up. They were carrying 7 assault rifles, 4 pistols and 30 kg of plastic explosives. They had Sklori identification cards, and were immediately arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. Their owner was called into questioning, but it was discovered that it was a 89 year old woman who had passed away four days ago. 3 of the 10 were executed.

Despite the close proximity, the settlements weren't affected by the 2012 Metsarbarros uprising. Over 50 Malpuros were shot dead by the BSF when they were trying to enter the settlements. A suicide bomber belonging to the MLF managed to reach the city centre of Samoca Hills, but was shot dead by a Sise Garantii operative.


Settlers are not considered as Malpuros, and do not vote in the Malpuro elections, and instead take part in the elections in the surrounding states. However, after the Residency in the Metsarbarros Act of 2009, the Governor of Metsarbarros is appointed by the President of Alconbria, and by law is required to not be a Malpuro.