Alconbrian Civil War


Blockade of Alconbria

Alconbrian Crisis
An Internal State Security officer standing beside a massive fire, c.2009

Alconbrian Crisis


1 February, 2011– 19 August, 2015
(4 years, 6 months, 19 days)




Government victory.


Alconbria Alconbria
Unflag United Nations (till 2013)

Freealcongroup Free Alconbria Group

Central Party (till 2014)

Mlf Mayan Liberation Front (till 2013)


Augustin Voimer
Joseph Allende
Ignacio Guillotiner
Giovanni de Polo
Paul Vincenzio
Laurel Copete

Wouel Macarez ‡ (2013-2015)
Dominic Corolla, Jr. ‡ (2013)
Adolfo Machiavelli † (2011–2013)

Indalecio Molla
Maxmillien Fajardo

Iktan Q'uq'umatz† (2011–2013)


See Alcobrian Armed Forces

See Terrorism in Alconbria


583 soldiers killed
527 wounded.
2 helicopters shot down.
1,384 civilian casualities.

4,276 killed.
2,475 captured.
200-500 vehicles captured.

The Alconbrian Crisis refers to the time period in Alconbria from 2011 till 2015, marked by intense political tension and widespread anti-government riots and terrorism.

The crisis began shortly after Victor Staurakios ascended his presidency after winning the elections following Paul del Santé's death. The Mayan Liberation Organization, which was formed earlier that year to fight for an independent state for the Maya people bombed 4 buses around New Alcacer, killing 30.

The crisis escaleted in 2013, during Ernesto Titeriez's tenure as the President of Alconbria, when the Free Alconbria Group overthrow the government in a military coup.

The Titeriez government adopted a 'no quarters' policy in 2011, and along with the help of the United Nations launched several attacks against the camps of the 'terrorist organizations'.

In 2015, President Augustin Voimer officially concluded the crisis with a government victory after two successive drone strikes in the last stronghold of the Free Alconbria Group in Guatemala. After the crisis got over, Voimer directed all his attention into the on-going war between Central America Defense Coalition and NATO.

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