Alconbrian Army
Flag of the Alconbrian Army
Founded 2008
Country Alconbria Federal State of Alconbria
Allegiance Ministry of Defense
Branch Alconbrian Armed Forces
Type Army
Size ~2 million (active)
~3 million (reserve)
3000+ aircraft
Part of Alconbrian Armed Forces
Nickname Red & Green Wolves
Motto Meie riigis, Me võidame
(For Our Country, We Win)
Colors Red & Green         
March Por Nia Lando eta Bere Jendea
(For Our Country and Her People)
Anniversaries January 28 (Victory Day)
July 29 (Army Day)
Engagements War in Central America

2014 invasion of Alconbria
World War III

Commander-in-Chief President Augustin Voimer
Minister of Defense Alejandro Espinas
Chief of General Staff Cornelio Garrido
Paul del Santé
Augustin Voimer
Seal of the Army Armyseal
Aircraft flown
Tanker KC-130 Hercules

The Alconbrian Army is the largest branch of the Alconbrian Armed Forces, and is the principle land warfare force of the Federal State of Alconbria. The Alconbrian Army, also referred to as the 'Army of Alconbria', descended from the Military of Alconbria; the armed wing of the Alconbria Liberation Council, making it the oldest and largest branch of the 6 federal armed services. Total control of the army lies in the hands of the War Command, led by the President of Alconbria, a part of the Ministry of Defense.

The Alconbrian Army consists of the active component, the Regular Army; the Alconbrian Special Forces; the reserve component, the Reserve Forces; and the state security army, the National Security Forces. The Regular Army is further divided into offensive and defensive groups. With approximately 2 million active personnel, the Alconbrian Army is the world's largest standing army.

The Alconbrian Army has been involved in conflicts ever since its creation in 2008. The army was initially deployed to suppress riots and engage in counter-terrorism, and since 2009, the army began to be deployed overseas, particularly in Asia and Africa. The army undertook a large ground invasion of South America in 2014, and in 2015; had its first major defeat against an invasion by a US-led coalition.


The Alconbrian Military Code defines the purpose of the army as:

  • A fundamental force of the country whose mission is to defend the sovereignty, integrity and maintain the existence of the nation of Alconbria.
  • To protect the nation and its citizens, culture and property at any costs.
  • To combat all forms of terrorism which threaten the daily life of the public.



The Military of Alconbria was created by the Alconbria Liberation Council as a unified army to fight the Altivebrio Defense Forces in order to capture territory. The army was created by combining the pre-existent Alconbrian paramilitary groups and militias under a common ideology. The army fought bravely in the Alconbrian War of Independence, and by the late 1990s, significantly overpowered the Altivebrians, and in accord with the newly created navy and air force helped the Alconbria Liberation Council win the war.


Only July 29, 2008; President Paul del Santé passed the Alconbrian Armed Forces Bill which led the way of the creation of the modern Alconbrian Armed Forces out of the surviving battalions and regiments of the Military of Alconbria. The Air Force and Navy retained formations and battalions, while the ground forces were completely overhauled by Derviz Mistrov, Sergizian Antolon, Carlos Lluch, Alejandro Espinas, Gabriel Inquiso and Giovanni de Polo.

Alconbrian WarsEdit

World War IIIEdit



Command Name Headquarters Commander Subordinate Units
Central Command Einvoriano Augustin Voimer
Western Command Lenwerrs Irtiel Heveg
Eastern Command Selventer Davido Ilve
Northern CommandDurango Luis Mercana
Home Command New Alcacer Eira Javeleny
South American CommandValera Jerguino Ansellantes
African CommandBenguela Adolfo Henriquez
Asian CommandKeridamadu Enrico Del Valle




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