Alconbrian Armed Forces
Alconbria ud Relvajoudo
Arf new
Flag of the Alconbrian Armed Forces
Founded 2008
Service branches Alconbriaarmy Alconbrian Army
Alconbrianavy1 Alconbrian Navy
Alconbriaairforceflag Alconbrian Air Force
Alconbrian Marine Corps
Alconbrian Army of Intelligence
Alconbrian Coast Guard
Headquarters Kilparmarria, Einvoriano
Commander-in-Chief President Augustin Voimer
Minister of Defense Alejandro Espinas
Chief of General Staff Carlos Lluch
Military age 16 under parental consent, 17 otherwise.
Conscription 18
Available for
military service
49,487,238 males, age 16 – 49 (2010),
49,874,485 females, age 16 – 49 (2010)
Fit for
military service
49,000,000 males, age 16 – 49 (2010),
49,000,000 females, age 16 – 49 (2010)
Reaching military
age annually
3,486,239 (2010)
Active personnel 5 million (ranked 1)
Reserve personnel 7 million
Deployed personnel 560,000 total
Budget §162 billion
Percent of GDP 7.9 %
Domestic suppliers Alconbria Military Industries
Rega Armilaro Corporation
Bravonto Aerospace
Praesidio Weapons
Relvapalatis KRgg
Kaitso Kuduuklumo
Annual imports §27 billion (2009–10)
Russia Russia
China China
India India
Sweden Sweden
Annual exports §284 billion (2011–12)
Vietnam Vietnam
Northkorea North Korea
Mexico Mexico
India India
Iran Iran
Thailand Thailand
Oman Oman
Nigeria Nigeria
Irelandrepublic Ireland
Algeria Algeria
China China
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The Alconbrian Armed Forces are the federal military forces of the Federal State of Alconbria. The Alconbrian Armed Forces consist of the Alconbrian Army, Alconbrian Navy, the Alconbrian Air Force, the Alconbrian Coast Guard, Alconbrian Army of Intelligence and the Alconbrian Marine Crops. The President of Alconbria is it's overall head.

The successors to the Military of Alconbria, the Alconbrian Armed Forces is an aggressive standing army swearing their allegiance to the nation of Alconbria. It has played an important rule in many of the country's military engagements, including the Invasion of Belize, War in Central America, invading and conquering South America, and involving in the country's behalf in World War III.

The Alconbrian Armed Forces is one of the world's largest armies, and thanks to excessive government funding and advanced local technologies, it has impressive capabilities of aggressive warfare, power projection, rapid deployment and defense.

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