The Alconbrian Air Force is the aerial warfare service branch of the Alconbrian Armed Forces, the military of the Federal State of Alconbria. It was officially established in 1994, during the Third Altivebrian Civil War.

Receiving international aid, the pilots were able to train during the course of the war, undertaking several bombing campaigns during the war. By 2006, the Alconbrian Air Force achieved total air superiority over the Altivebrian Air Force. After Alconbria's independence in 2008, the Alconbrian Air Force became one of the most technologically advanced air force in the world. The Air Force had over 2500 aircraft in 2014, shortly before the beginning of the War in Central America.

In 2009, the Alconbrian Air Force opened its first overseas airbase in the Kiribati administered parts of the Line Islands, called the Malden Island Airbase.


Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Introduced Notes
Combat Aircraft
A-88 Rivor Alconbria Ground attack A-88I, A-88II 192 2002
A-90 Xerv Alconbria Multirole A-90XA, A-90XB, A-90XC, A-90XF 349 (71 on order) 2011
A-10 Thunderbolt II United States Attack A-10A 72 1994 Refitted by the RAC in 2009.
Fairchild AC-119 United States Gunship AC-119G, AC-119K 4 1996 In limited service
Bravonto BE-4 Alconbria Penetrator BE-4R, BE-4I 82 1994 Retired in 2006, resumed service after the 2014 invasion of Alconbria.
Bravonto BE-85 Alconbria Strategic bomber BE-85EK, BE-85EJ 228 2005
Bravonto BE-89 Alconbria Strategic bomber BE-89A, BE-89EK 402 2014
F-15E Strike Eagle United States Multirole F-15AC 58 1994 Refitted by RAC in 2007.
ER-5 Kaluk Alconbria Electronic-warfare aircraft ER-5A, ER-5B, ER-5C 87 2013
ER-8 Karut Alconbria Electronic-warfare aircraft ER-8A, ER-8Z 17 2014
Gresc 501 Alconbria Multirole G501A, G501G, G501SF, G501AF, G501BB 389 2003
Sukhoi Su-35 Russia Multirole Su-35A 14 2015
K-101 Strider Alconbria Gunship 104 (58 on order) 2008
Bravonto R580 Alconbria AEW&C R580MM 14 2005 Equipped with the AMI RD8780\3SC radar
E-2 Hawkeye United States AEW&C 3 1995 Equipped with the AMI RD6390\G1D radar
Embraer R-99 Brazil AEW&C R-99A, R-99B 3 2014 Captured from the Brazilian Air Force during Operation Pugno.
Fregait M1 Alconbria AEW&C 64 (12 on order) 2012 Helicopter equipped with AMI RD8230\H9L or the AMI RD8240\H9S radar
Saab 2000 Sweden AEW&C 1 1989 Equipped with the AMI RD6280\AI2 radar; for ceremonial purposes
Prepentier Hestra Alconbria MASINT Hestra Super Tiger 117 2007 Equipped with AMI Cirv88 equipment
Orlion 202 Alconbria ELINT Jerhist E1 98 2013 Equipped with AMI Kirv88 equipment
RC-26B United States SIGINT\Surveillance 30 1998
R-304 Givett Alconbria General surveillance 258 (12 on order) 2010
ZI Irnto Alconbria HAS 55 2014
Boeing KC-767 United States aerial refueling 19 2006 3 captured from the Brazilian Air Force.
KC-10 Extender United States aerial refueling 7 1997
KC-130 Hercules United States aerial refueling / transport KC-130H 8 2003
AT-608 Zsira Alconbria aerial refueling / transport AT-608R, AT-608RL 24 2012
C-130 Hercules United States utility / transport 26 1995
C-141 Starlifter United States strategic airlift 6 1994
C-17 Globemaster United States heavy transport 12 1998
CA-103 Purzo Alconbria utility / transport CA-103A, CA-103H 98 2008
CA-131 Intenit Alconbria/Mexico heavy transport 46 2015
Challenger 650 Canada VIP transport / utility CL-650A 82 2009
KC-135 Stratotanker United States tactical airlift / transport 28 1994
Prepentier VS-500 Alconbria SCTA VS-5000SFD 58 2004
Atlas Oryx South Africa utility 60 1994
AH-1 Cobra United States attack AH-1F, AH-1E 187 1994
AH-64 Apache United States attack AH-64A, AH-64D 96 1998
CH-47 Chinook United States transport ACH-47, MH-47D 58 1995
CH-53E Super Stallion United States heavy lift S-80E 10 2005
Eurocopter AS565 France Multirole/SAR 58 1997
HT-12 Strozo Alconbria transport HT-12D, HT-12S 86 2008
HT-13 Supra Alconbria transport HT-13A/B/D/X 124 2003
HX-42 Arax Alconbria attack/SaR/AWAC/minesweeper HX-42A/B/C/ED 102 2007
HX-49 Jertow Alconbria attack HX-49ALC/BBB/CCD 117 2013
HX-89 Zer Alconbria attack HX-89SD/A/TT 187 2009 Unlicensed copy of the NHIndustries NH90
Mil Mi-24 Soviet Union attack/gunship Mi-24BMT, Mi-24P, Mi-24AL, Mi-25, Mi-35V 19 1994(originally 1984) 10 sold to Mexico
Mil Mi-28 Soviet Union attack/trainer Mi-28A, Mi-28N, Mi-28UB 11 1994 (originally 1985) 3 crashed, 1 shot down during the Third Altivebrian Civil War.
HU-115 Hirved Alconbria utility HU-115M, HU-115CM 72 1998
Z-10 China/Russia anti-tank Z-10AL 100 2013
D-1 Flying Spider Alconbria surveillance D-1A,D-1B 408 2005
D-3 Jumping Cow Alconbria surveillance 116 2010
D-10 Gliding Lizard Alconbria surveillance 56 2015
MQ-1 Predator United States UCAV 14 1999
Mad Eagle Alconbria UCAV ME-A, ME-S, ME-OPS, ME-SY 501 2008
TAMENEK Alconbria tactical stealth strike TK-110, TK-192, TK-199 unknown, possible over 500 2010
Z3 Alconbria surveillance/tactical payload UCAV 837 2011

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