The Alconbrian-Colombian War was an armed conflict between Alconbria and Colombia from 3 June, 2014 till 30 June, 2014.

Shortly after Panama fell, UN established military bases around the Colombian borders of former Panama to prevent further Colombian invasion. Augustin Altiver, keen on capturing Venezuela to capture it's oil fields ordered for an invasion of Colombia, and then an invasion of Venezuela.

Colombia, already fighting involved in a War on Drugs and a civil conflict quickly immobilized all it's troops and called for a nationwide compulsory conscription. Unfortunately, none of this helped in repelling the advancing Alconbrian forces.

The left wing Marxist-Leninist guerrillas, attacked Colombian military bases and cities while the country's entire army moved towards the Panamanian border, and after Colombia fell on 30 June, 2014, the left wing-guerrillas captured few areas in southern Colombia to create Socialist Republic of Colombia. (República Socialista de Colombia)

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