Alconbria People's Party
Flevjar Pupulo Alconbrianos
LeaderErnesto Titeriez
ChairpersonClaudia Delao
SpokespersonAngie Delcrux
FounderLrien Sreviza
Serjo Gapas
Eltiam Serrenz
Speaker of the ParliamentMichael Eläin
Alconbrian PresidentSiegfried von Gutenberg
Prime MinisterEnrique Morenz
FoundedJanuary 15, 2008 (2008-01-15)
HeadquartersNew Alcacer
NewspaperLa Nacia Ĵurnalo
Student wingAlconbrian Students' Association
Youth wingThe Alconbrian Youth
Paramilitary wingPeople's Security Force
Membership  (2011)1.2 million
Social democracy
ReligionFrellism & Rila'wiar
National affiliationGizerta Alconbrian Phrutos
Official colors     Yellow
Seats in the Léialegis
601 / 690
19 / 21

The Alconbria People's Party (APP) is the second largest political party in Alconbria, and the country's current governing party after winning the 2011 elections. Founded in 2008, it is the oldest party in Alconbria, along with the Maldekstro Party, which united with the Liberal Party to form the United Party for Progression. The APP practises the ideology of Nacioism, or more specifically it's modern variant.

The party was found on the January 15, 2008 session of the Alconbria Liberation Council, which was held after the first part of the Gvonn Pact was signed. The People's Party strongly contrasted to the Maldesktro Party created by Daniel Rubens, which wanted Alconbria to be a capitalist state with power held by a select few. APP wanted to preserve the Nacioist government, and wanted to establish a social democracy in Alconbria.

The party has produced half of Alconbria's six presidents, the highest of any party. The first was Ernesto Titeriez, who served from 2011 till 2013, followed by Augustin Voimer, who was the President for 16 years, and the current President, Siegfried von Gutenberg is also a Moc.

The party prioritizes state and public welfare, equality and elimination of gender differences, the Nordic-model of social democracy, irreligion, strong aggressive army and anti-imperialism; all of which is outlined by it's Nacioist ideology.



During the ALC General Meeting of 3rd January 2008, Chief Paul del Santé, under the recommendation of Serjo Gapas ordered the creation of new political parties for independent Alconbria in order for it to function as a proper democracy. A vote on the next day determined that Alconbria would follow a multi-party system. But by the end of 2007, the ALC was divided into two factions - the Mocs and the Cogs, and a result, only two parties were formed on the 14 January session- the Maldesktro Party and the People's Party of Alconbria. Lrien Sreviza, a fundamental Modern Nacioism theorist and war veteran was elected as the leader of the People's Party.

The party was renamed to Alconbria People's Party, as the members thought that the people would relate its previous acronym to the Pala Protection Army, a division of the Altivebrio Defense Forces which was responsible for the 1990 Pala massacre.

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