Alconbria Military Industries
Type Government-owned corporation
Genre Manufacturer, Defense Contractor
Founded 1993; 23 years ago
Founder Vidal Sanz & Rubén Narváez
Headquarters AMI Tower, New Alcacer, Alconbria
Key people Samuel Delgado (CEO)
Area served Worldwide
Industry Defense
Product Weapons, Missiles, Aircraft, Military vehicles, Helicopters, Ships
Services Military
Employees 16,000 (approx.)
Owner Government of Alconbria

The Alconbria Military Industries (AMI) is an Alconbrian govenrment-owned weapons manufacturer and defense technology contractor. The company was found in 1993, and it's first weapon to be used by the military was the selective-fire assault rifle, the ALG-95.

After Alconbria's sovereignty was recognized, it began manufacturing weapons for international export. After the AMI acquired Ducatan Missile Technologies in 2000, it also began producing missiles and satellites.

The AMI began producing military vehicles and tanks since 2004. It also produces aircraft and rockets, after acquiring Mavello-Wolfowitz & Kruz Advanced Systems in 2005.

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