ال جونڈ
Participant in War in North-West Pakistan, War in Afghanistan, Syrian Civil War, War in Iraq and Kashmir conflict
Active1998 – present
IdeologyDeobandi fundamentalism (claimed)
Qutbism (denied)
Kashmiri separatism
FoundersWasim Hashmi
Ayman Malik
Ismail Maulavi
Jaber Ali
Military leaderWasim Hashmi (1998 – 2016)
Junaid Hamza (since 2016)
Political leaderAyman Malik
HeadquartersChilas, Gilgit-Baltistan
Area of operationsPakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Sinai
Size5,000 – 9,000 (2014)
Split fromKashmir All-Islamic Union
AlliesState allies

Non state allies

OpponentsState opponents
  • India India
  • Iran Iran
  • Iraq Iraq
  • Usa United States of America
  • Non state opponents
    Designated as a terrorist organisation by
    Usa USA
    India India
    Uk United Kingdom
    Canada Canada
    France France
    Iran Iran

    Al-Junud is a militant multi-national Sunni Islamic organisation. Al-Junud was founded by Wasim Hashmi, Jaber Ali, Ayman Malik and Ismail Maulavi.

    Initially founded as a Kashmiri separatist organziation in 1998, the organization soon began expanding out of Kashmir and had a worldwide view to spread Islamic fundamentalism. The organization expanded to Iraq in 2003, and to Syria in 2005. Despite claiming to target only the military, Al-Junud as targeted civilians numerous times, and has perpetrated several terror attacks including, but not limited to the 1999 Jalalabad attacks, the 2002 Patna bombing, 2005 Varanasi bombing, the Rochester Hotel bombing and the hijacking of Indian Air Flight IA-817. The organizations also has assassinated several prominent figures, including former US Ambassador to Pakistan Tariq Abraham, four star US Army general Norman Schwartz, British-Israeli journalist Johnathan Ben-Ari, Indian diplomat Baljeet Singh and American congresswoman Eleanor Jensen.

    Al-Junud's secretive operating style made it one of the strogest terror groups, according to The Jefferson Institute. With massive funding and a vast network of informants in Asia, Europe and North America, Al-Junud has had no problem in making highly dangerous and powerful explosives and in acquiring state-of-the-art weaponry. In 2013, a US drone destroyed a 10 acre weapon manufacturing factory near Islamabad which is believed to have made unlicensed copies of various assault rifles. The organization also maintains a spy bureau, which is rumored to be aided by the ISI. The spy bureau gained notoriety when it was discovered in 2007 that Indian parliamentarian Daoud Rasool Khan was in fact a spy belonging to Al-Junud, and again in 2010, when Janvi Shah fled to Pakistan carrying vital information regarding India's security and defensive positions along the Kashmir Valley after killing her husband, a high-ranking Indian army officer; allowing the group to launch several deadly raids into Indian Kashmir beginning from 2010.


    The English name of the organization is the transliteration of the Arabic noun al-jun'aud (الجنود), which means 'the soldiers'.