Adam Boyd (born Max-Ulrich Herzeinrenker; 1927), also known as Fritz Wechsler is an American businessman, politician, author and television personality.


Early lifeEdit

Max-Ulrich Herzeinrenker was born on July 1, 1927 in Dresden, Saxony to German parents. His father was a scientist who worked in the Reichsforschungsrat, and his mother was a doctor. He has three brothers, Paul, Joachim and Werner Herzeinrenker.

Max was academically perfect, and wanted to continue studying and become a physicist like his father, but he was forced to join the Hitler Youth, and eventually had to stop school and serve in the army.

World War IIEdit

Hitler Youth & WehrmachtEdit

Max-Ulrich joined the Hitler Youth in 1938, when he was 11 years old. Following heavy training, he was enrolled into the 56th Infantry Division and took part in the Invasion of France.

Following the defeat of 56th Infantry, Max transferred into the 9th SS Panzer Division. Max was a talented sniper, and had more than 50 confirmed kills. He also collected Allied soldiers' dog-tags and personal belongings. He also collected school-books and read them while camping.

After some action in Poland, he was transformed to the 47th Volksgrenadier Division.


Unsatisfied with the Nazi regime, and the various defeats, he shot 2 of his commanding officers, one of them being Oberleutnant Klaus Hausser and fled from a Heer camp in May 1944.

Max initially thought of surrendering the the US Army in France, but then decided it was best to escape Europe. He walked more than 500 miles in the south of France, and eventually illegally entered Spain.

Spanish NavyEdit

Rudimentary modifying his facial features, Max joined the Spanish Navy as Fernando Ezquerra. Max served in Spanish frigate, and following an argument with a Spanish captain, he shot him and then escaped. Wanted for treason in Spain, Max immediately need to get out of Spain. He had no where to go, since going back to France, he would most likely be captured by the Nazis and would be imprisoned, and if captured by the Allies, would be taken prisoner and would be forced to live in Germany after the war's ending.

A Jewish merchant provided temporary refuge for Max, as he escaped the Spanish soldiers. Knowing that his stay won't be permanent, he murdered the Jewish family, stole belongings worth about 44,000 reales and then left for the Spanish docks, wearing his Navy uniform. He posed as an Officer and using his powers, commandeered a merchant ship which had planned to go the United States of America.


The Rei do Oceano.

Near the coast of Portugal, the Spanish Merchant ship was sunk by a fleeing Italian warship. Max, along with two other Spanish sailors survived, and were picked up by the Rei do Oceano, a Portuguese merchant ship which carried refugees to the USA. Max entered the ship in the psuedonym of Fritz Wechsler, an English-Austrian anti-Nazi activist who had escaped execution.

Approximately 10 months later, in March 1945, when the Nazi regime is irreparably weakened, Max's ship docked in Liberty City. He ditched is Navy uniform, killed a few who planned to rat him out to the US authorities and entered USA as an electrician, using a forged visa which he picked up from one of the sailors he had killed.

Entry into AmericaEdit

Max, under the name of Fritz, worked as an electrician in Liberty City. He moved to Capitol City in June 1945 and worked briefly worked as a hotel technician, during which he befriended Ken Goldmann, the struggling chairman of the Horen & Goldmann Company.

Andrew Horen had gotten the others board members to oust Goldmann from the company, after he returned after serving in the war. Goldmann lamented that before the war, he opposed Horen's idea of selling technology patents and financial methods to the Japanese, and Horen even sent mercenaries to kill Goldmann. Soon, the war had begun, and Goldmann was called into service, while Horen evaded conscription by mutilating his left arm.

Max though of helping Goldmann to become an executive of Goldmann's company. Putting his Wehrmact training into use, Max eliminated the executives who had voted for Goldmann's removal, and spared only a quite few of his selection.

Max, meanwhile had befriended Harry Blowfield, a college graduate and a bomb-maker. Using Blwofield's explosives, Max eliminated Andrew Horen and his assosciate Peter Podridge in two separate explosions, killing 29 others. The attack was attributed to be a Japanese terror attack.

Goldmann, happy about Max's success made his company private, and included Max in his executives list. Knowing that anti-German sentiments are high, Goldmann suggested Max to change his name to Adam Boyd, named after his nephew who died in the Pacific front of World War II.

Hostile takeoverEdit

Max, as Adam lived in the Viceroy Hotel in Capitol City on a room payed for by Goldmann. In 1946, he met William Herlstein, the cousin of David Newman; who was killed by Adam Boyd on the orders of Goldmann. Herlstein was an executive of the Marcus Alan Byrnes Company, and wanted to merge the Horen & Goldmann Company with his company, but Goldmann wouldn't negotiate the deal, and added that the reason why Adam was asked to killed David was that David nearly finalized the deal. Adam didn't make a decision, and walked away.

After the enactment of the Marshall Plan in 1945, Adam decided to expand his business to Germany, and acquired a newly constructed building in Berlin and opened a private money lending institution, financed by senior members of the Horen & Goldmann company, and later by the US government itself. This was actually a ploy intended to cheat the Germans into taking loans with interest rate exceeding 90%.

On December, 1946; Herlstein again met Boyd, and this time, bought senior government officers with him. Seeing the influence Marcus Alan Byrnes had over the government, Boyd agreed to the deal. In January 1947, Boyd wrote to Herlstein saying that Goldmann would be more useful alive than dead, and suggested to kidnap him and hide him away instead of killing him, a request which Herlstein complied to. Boyd and his right hand man, Lew Hurwicz met to discuss important matters with Ken, who was asked to leave his wife's birthday celebrations. There, Adam poisoned him unconscious, and moved him to a warehouse in Pounder Hill in the outskirts of Capitol City, and held him hostage for a week without proper food. A week later, Boyd arrived at the warehouse with Lew, who was carrying a contract which when signed, made Adam the chief executive officer of the company. Goldmann refused to do so. Boyd, in order to torture, hit Goldmann in his groin, severely damaging both of the Jew's testicles. Goldmann still refused to sign it. Adam then showed Goldmann a photo of his wife, Lisa Goldmann in Adam's suite in the Viceroy, and then told him that if he didn't sign it, he will send Lew to take care of her. Fearing for the well-being of his wife, Ken signed the contract. Adam left, but still instructed the guards to keep Goldmann under arrest.

The deal finalizing the merger was signed on May 1947, and joined the executive board of the Marcus Alan Byrnes Company. After the death of Alan Whitefield, Jr. in December 1947, the company was renamed Albyrn International. Adam befriended Randall Carmichael , another board member and also the company's head of advertising. Carmichael, unmarried allowed Adam to move into his house in Warcrest City in 1948.

Both Randall and Adam expressed contempt at Jews ruling the company, and planned to take over the company following the death of Whitefield. He refused to vote in the selection of the new CEO, and walked out of the boardroom when David Byrnes was elected CEO. At the same time, Boyd began meeting with Emily Birtles, William's third wife. They both began to have a sexual relationship, and after William's separation from Emily, Adam moved into Emily's house in Warcrest City. Emily, who was a year older than Adam told him about Eden Herlstein, William's son from his first marriage will be returning to America after completing his education from the United Kingdom to finally meet William's second and current wife, Holley Herlstein. Seeing this as an opportunity to brind down William, Adam travels to the Francis International Airport in Liberty City, along with Lev and Emily to meet Eden.

Adam introduces himself as 'Ben Herlstein', the second son of Holley and William, and Emily as Rachel Herlstein, William's step-daughter, and Lev as a family friend. Telling that William is busy due to official work, and Holley is still renovating the house not anticipating Eden's early arrival, they both move to a hotel and began bonding. There, the duo carefully observed Eden's body language and accent, and later had Adam mimic it. Eden, who caught Adam on the act, found it surprisingly accurate enough. After successfully duplicating Eden's signatures and stealing his records, the trio finished him off and threw Eden's body off Broker Bridge.

The trio returned to Warcrest City. Adam tricked William into believing that his childhood friend Mary Reynolds had died, pressing William to travel to Capitol City to attend her funeral. Thanks to a storm, all major flights were delayed, and William had to take a bus, after his car broke down. Adam appropriated the situation and went to William's house, along with Lew as Eden and his friend. Holley dispersed the staff to spend some time with her son, while Lew went upstairs to look for William's personal belongings. Unable to find anything, he told Adam to look for it. Fed up of Holley already, Adam hit her head with a wine bottle, knocking her unconscious, and locked her in the basement.

Emily joined them shortly afterwards, and the three ransacked the house, obtaining several evidences which would chasten William. Holley apparently awoke, and was screaming for help. Adam stabbed her in the throat, and again in her forehead, killing her. Lew moved the bloodied body to the kitchen, and then the trio set fire to the house, before escaping with all the evidences in Emily's car.

Adam and Lew went back to the ruins of the house the next day and consoled William, who also received the news of Eden's suicide. William took a break from work. Adam, Lew and Randall studied the evidence and cooked a scheme which would bring down William. Randall sent the records of forged 'financial fraud' by Williams to Alex Carmichael, his brother and an Federal Investigation Bureau operative in the financial crimes division. He also sent letters to the IRS telling about William's untaxed and hidden money. Emily had her drug addict friend Rose Hints to file a case against William and Benjamin Hoffmann for sexual assault. William was found guilty by the Supreme Court, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Hoffmann, who was a vocal enemy of Adam, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Adam, who already befriended the prison officer, had William and Benjamin transferred to the same warehouse in Pounder Hill, where he shot and killed both Benjamin and William.


The remants of the car in which Shimon Marcus died.

In the aftermath of Herlstein's scandal, Adam was promoted, and had a salary hike. In February 1948, Adam traveled to Palestine to establish the offices of Albyrn in the to-be-formed State of Israel. While his team where mostly Jewish Americans, Adam wasn't. He found the hostilities between the natives and the European Jews a good way to kill Shimon Marcus and the Jewish executives of Albyrn. He fooled a local guerrilla outfit into thinking that the Albyrn officials were hardline Zionists, and had them kill them in a car-bombing. They succesfully did, killing 15 members including Shimon Marcus, David Hass & Abraham Steinmetz.

After returning back to America, he poisoned David Byrnes, and at the next board meeting, got his loyal supporters to elect himself CEO. Boyd, who underwent the personal records of newly rich people often altered it to make it dubious, and then had Lew blackmail them for money in return for not turning it over, earning a lot of money illegally. He subsequently got engaged to Emily in a private ceremony.

He also functioned the release of one of his brothers, Joachim Herzeinrenker from a POW camp in 1949, and Joachim received American citizenship in 1950, and took up job as a translator and intelligence analyst in the International Affairs Agency.

He however ran into hostility with Charles Ferguson, the CEO of Magnus Enterprise. He learnt through a mole that Charles altered his company's accounts, overstating the income, while taking loans for his benefits. Adam met with Charles at a cafe and then threatened him to pay 5 million dollars for not exposing his crimes. Charles however thought it was best to kill Boyd, so he sent three gunmen to kill Adam at his wedding with Emily. The gunmen were not successful, and shot and killed Emily, while Adam was escorted by security personnel.

Vowing revenge, Adam met with Alex Carmichael's team and exposed the scandal perpetrated by the Magnus Enterprise. Charles, along with 6 other high ranking officials were arrested and taken into FIB custody on July 1950. Two days after the arrest, three armed gun-men broke into Emily's house; the place where Adam was residing to kill him, but could not do so, after they were bitten by Adam's guard dogs, and arrested. Upon investigation, Adam found out that these gunmen, along with the ones who shot up his wedding were part of the C Society, a criminal organization run by Murdoch Zudansy, and his right hand man was Henry Ferguson, Charles' brother.

Adam temporarily promoted Henry Lincoln as the CEO of Albyrn, and began setting up plans to get to the C Society. Using his money, he bought a large house in Le Sompteux, under Ken Goldmann's name. He went through the police records, and found out about the C Society's rivalry with the 12th Street Mafia, led by Tony 'Globe' Colombus. Sick with fever, he sent Lew to talk Tony into attacking the C Society, after discovering that both gangs were on a temporary agreement for peace. Lew returned unsuccessful. Knowing that the C Society was the strongest organized crime gang in the city, and the one capable of at least doing any harm to it was the 12th Street Mafia, Adam decided to blackmail his way into the 12th Street leadership.

Tony, who had three divorces in the past year was a womanizer. Adam found a 15 year old high schooler, Diana Walls, who needed money for her mother's medical treatment, as her father was killed in the war. He talked her into prostitution, and sent her to seduce Tony at his club, The Flying Eagles. Diana was successful, and after sleeping with Tony for a week; convinced Tony to visit her at her home, on the orders of Adam. There, Diana swayed Tony into playing as a rapist while she played as a victim during their intercourse. Lew, photographed everything, with Tony unable to notice him because of the loud music playing. With the photographs ready, Adam posed as a police detective and met Tony at his private residence, telling him that he did not want Tony to go to jail, but wanted Tony's gang to go on war with the C Society again. Tony, though of killing the police officer there, but then Adam said that if he was in control, he'd get all the girls he liked. Cajoled, Tony agreed. Adam then payed $100,000 for Diana's mother's treatment, under the condition that Diana would keep on working for him.

With a gang war building up between the 12st Street and the C Society, Adam achieved a high position in the Mafia, after eliminating two of the bosses - Guy Teotti and Sammy Cazzolini; even though he wasn't Italian. After discovering that Charles Ferguson's family was living with Henry Ferguson in the C Society's head office in Cassidy Heights, Adam Boyd and a posse of 12st Street mafioso went there, and attacked the building. With over 80 killed, this was one of the most brutal shootings ever witnessed in Warcrest City.

With the police on the way, Adam made his way to the roof where Henry was hiding with Charles' family. Cruelly executing Charles' wife, and 3 children, all aged below 10, he then temporarily knocked out Henry and made way to the roof where Zudansy was waiting for a helicopter. There, Adam emptied an entire magazine into Zudansy, and killed all of his guards, but couldn't escape. He knew the cops would be there, and he couldn't jump out. Then he wore Zudansy's bloodied coat, and acted like he was shot. He told the helicopter crew that he was a capo, and told that Zudansy had died. The helicopter crew picked him up and were to take him to a C Society helipad, where he would be interrogated. He shot the helicopter pilot, and the two guards and parachuted out of the helicopter and landed into a mansion in the middle of a party in Stanford Island, owned by heiress Amy Bronsell. He showed himself out, and later went to the Flying Eagles, and reported the success of the mission. Seeing that nobody of his gang made it out alive, he called Lew, and rounded up all his loyal mafiamen, and then met Tony while he was in the middle of a private dance session with a stripper. Tony refused to talk, so Adam shot the stripper, and his men went to control the crowd in the club. Adam explained that he was taking over the 12st Street Mafia, and took Tony at gun point to the main hall of the club, in front of all the gangsters, and executed Tony. Those who opposed were swiftly shot by Adam's guards. Proclaiming loyalist Giovanni Ligitti as his puppet and the leader of the gang, Adam fully assumed control of an organized criminal enterprise. Henry Ferguson, who was one of the few survivors, was arrested and executed for the massacre.

Meeting the Bronsells and successEdit

Adam Boyd met millionaire Trafford Bronsell in October 1950, and he agreed to mentor Adam. In November 1950, he was invited to a conference organized by Forbidden Forests, an environmental conservation association. There, he listened a speech by the organization's President, Amelia Stewart. Upon inquiry, he found out that she was a daughter of a billionaire, and was moved by her cause to save the environment. He met her after hours, and began a relationship.

He visited his mentor's house for the Christmas dinner, and was surprised to see Amelia there. He asked her what she was doing in a private dinner of a man who gives no shit about the environment, she replied that she was his daughter, and told Adam that she fell in love with him after seeing him parachute. They began their bond, and after dinner, they had sex in one of the guest rooms. Not wanting to lose a loved one again, Adam quickly married Amy Bronsell in an extravagant wedding costing more than 4 billion dollar on 1 March, 1951, officially becoming a member of the Bronsell family.

One night at a Bronsell family gathering, he revealed that he was, and is still a Nazi. He expected disdain, but his revelation was warmly welcomed, and his mother-in-law said Elizabeth Bronsell him that they supported too supported the Nazi regime.

Using the influence of the Bronsell family, he managed to get a grip over all major criminal organizations, law enforcement agencies, the FIB & IAA, courts, and as well as the government of USA. He forcibly took over many companies, and became a millionaire in 1956, and a billionaire in 1982.

In 1991, he killed Brian Rubber; his protege after discovering that he was a spy sent by his two business competitiors; Wilbur and Tommy Church. Tommy Church, a senior member of the Church Brothers owned the The Backdoor, a gentleman's club in Capitol City. Adam killed Tommy at his club, while sent professional hitmen to deal with his brother, Wilbur Church.

He founded Gesco, an investment firm which acts as a parent organization to all the companies he owns. It's one of the world's largest companies by revenue (18 of the top 20 are owned by a Bronsell family member).

Personal lifeEdit

Adam Boyd married heiress Amy Bronsell in a $4 billion wedding on 1 March, 1951. They both have three children, Laussane Beaumont (born 1951), Hermann Boyd (born 1955) and Gretl Bronsell-Turnbull (born 1959). All members of his family became billionaires.

Before meeting Amy, he was engaged to Emily Birtles; who was killed on their wedding day by the C Society. He has had sexual relations with several women, including minors before his marriage with Amy. He has killed over 200 people, and has never been jailed or even been suspected of. His wife, Amy sent a confidential text to Mila Bronsell; the director of the FIB and another Bronsell family member that Adam had stopped killing innocents.

He owns over 30 companies, 3 high-end apartments as personal residencies, 17 mansions across America, Germany and France, a yacht, 6 high end garages capable of storing 80 cars each, and is estimated to own around 200 automobiles, 2 private jets and 5 recreational aircraft. His company, collobrated with other Bronsells to launch 7 satellites into space.

As of 2017, his networth is around $192 billion, and his immediate family's net worth is around $293 billion.

He tried to release all of his brothers and cousins from concentration camps, and succeeded in releasing Joachim Herzeinrenker, Paul Herzeinrenker and Werner Herzeinrenker, but could not release his cousin Alfred Heißmeyer, who was killed in a Soviet prisoner of war camp in Siberia.


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