ANS del Santé (D209 REV) is an Alconbrian nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the lead ship of her class and the flagship of the Alconbrian Navy. She is named after Paul del Santé, the revolutionary first President of Alconbria.

She is 369 meters (1,210 ft) long, and on a full load, can displace around 130,000 full tonnes of water. She can carry 105 fighters and 10 attack helicopters. Her homeport is Venko Falko in Nordahaveno, Alconbria.

She was planned since 2008, and was construction began in 2009 and was commissioned into the Navy on 19 July, 2012. Her commissioning was attended by President Ernesto Titeriez, Prime Minister Joseph Allende and Augustin Altiver.

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