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The Alconbrian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is an Alconbrian public broadcaster, established in 1994. It is headquartered in Greforez Building, Francis Avenue, New Alcacer, with several other offices and production facilities elsewhere around the country.


During the Third Altivebrian Civil War, President Xavi Kohler ordered a ban on all sorts of television in occupied territory, except for government propaganda. Mexico sent it's television transmissions to the Territory of Alconbria, but they were only in Spanish, and hence could not be viewed by many. In 1994, under help from the United States of America and Mexico, the Alconbrian Broadcasting Corporation was established to broadcast world events, news, and propaganda to keep spirits up.

After the fighting cooled down and the Green Evening Truce was signed in 1998, the ABC established it's first large scale studio in Puerto de la Libertad, the building which later came to be known as Domego Televido, and created the second channel, ABC 2 which broadcasted subtitled Mexican children's programs in the morning and dubbed sitcoms in the evening.

In 1995, the Vanol Alcon Corporation merged into the ABC, and ABC began supervising radio broadcasts across the Territory of Alconbria. In 1996, Vanol Helida radio station was launched, which played English music; which was one of the most listened radio station in 2007. In 1997, the first home produced television series titled Ribeli was launched, which was set in the 50s in which a young women leads a rebellion against the brutality of the Altivebrian regime. Ribeli ran for five seasons for 8 years, and was translated and dubbed into over 30 languages. The success of Ribeli paved way for more television series and sitcoms, which were broacasted in the newly created ABC 3. In 2004, ABC 4 was created, which played English and English dubbed Spanish movies. In 2005, ABC 2 stopped airing children's programming, moving it to ABC Filan. The GazABC was launched in 2006; which focused on content appropriate to adolescents and youth.

Followign Alconbria's independence in 2008, ABC Parliament was launched which broadcasted sessions of the Léialegis, and ABC News & ABC Amuze were launched in the same year. ABC Amuze broacasted comedy shows, imported stuff and re-ran the late night television of ABC 2. ABC 1 now broadcasts government announcements, propaganda and coverage of live events. Several radio stations have been launched, including 4 music radios, 2 for sports, many for world events and several others as well.


Name Content Created Notes
ABC 1 Main 1994
ABC 2 Specialist programming 1998
ABC 3 Family 2000
ABC 4 Movies 2004
ABC Valito Public broadcasting 2005
ABC Filan Children's programming 2005
GazABC Adolescent programming 2006
ABC Parliament Politics 2008
ABC News News 2008
ABC Amuza Comedy 2008
ABC Mindro Minority programming 2010

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