On the twelth of May, 2015, three Mayan settlements in an Alconbrian metsabarro was plagued by a wildfire, which reportedly originated in the village of Alk'inotitlan, spread to the neighbouring villages of Q'ukmirkaj and Titikal, completely destroying the villages and killing all it's inhabitants. The Alconbrian fire service managed to prevent the fire from spreading, but were unable to save the first three villages.



On 12 May 2015, Opker infantrywomen Micaela Viegas and her squad mate Angélica Pinheiro drove to an ethnic Mayan settlement in her armoured patrol vehicle. She reportedly called a pregnant Mayan women for inspection, and then pepper sprayed her, letting the woman run away before shooting her 4 times using an ALG-95 rifle, which was not in active service by the Opker. She then shot a 14 year old boy in the face, killing him, and then began firing into the fleeing crowd, killing 15 and wounding 30. She then approached her patrol vehicle, took out 6 grenades and threw it inside the village, killing 3 more and starting a fire destroying more than 80 huts. Pinheiro allegedly filmed everything from the turrent hatch of their vehicle. They both then got inside the vehicle, and accelerated very fast, running over 8 fleeing Mayans.

They then drove to another Mayan settlement, and called in all of the residents to gather in the village centre. The village, unaware of the events in their neighbouring village, agreed to do so. Both Viegas and Pinheirto took several photographs of the confused crowd from their phones. Pinheiro mounted the camera on the turrent hatch. Both of the soldiers were on foot, and were armed with an M16A2, while Viegas had a AK-74u and Pinheiro a FN P90, and several AK-74s in the rear compartment of their vehicle. Viegas called a 7 year old Mayan girl towards her, and was heard talking something to her, appearing to be affectionate. This lowered the Mayan suspicion, and they lost their guard, but were extremely agitated when Viegas shot the girl in her right eye with her Browning Hi-Power. The angry crowd rushed towards the officers, but were mercilessly gun downed by the heavily armed police officers. After losing more than 56 citizens, the Mayans began to flee into the forest. Viegas chased them on foot, killing them with her AK-74u as they were running away, while Pinheiro followed her in their vehicle. Viegas injured more than 11 Mayans, but the Mayans were successful in fleeing. In anger, the Alconbrian officers began throwing gas canisters into the forest, hoping to incapacitating the population, while shouting insults like they always did. A couple of minutes later, Pinheiro went into the forest to check for survivors, while Viegas executed any survivors in the city. Pinheiro noted that most of the population died, while 72 of them were killed of poisoning. The two officers then placed explosives the village, and drove away from the village to record a victory video, where they celebrated the killing as the village exploded in flames, and noted disappointment that they failed to kill all the Mayans. They both got rid of their weapons in the fire, and not equipped their standard issue weapons and went to their base to clock off. The total casualities were reported to be around 168 killed, and over 200 who succumbed to their injuries and died in the subsequent fires.


The Opker's public relations, as well as the police have denied that the fires were a result of Alconbrian activity, and noted that the two women involved had a good records and would not commit such crimes.

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