On 25th February, 2013, members of the Free Alconbria Group, along with a few factions of the Alconbrian Armed Forces attempted to forcibly overthrow the government of Alconbria.

The Free Alconbria Group took the government by surprise by storming into the Assembléia Legislativa and the Government House , and took the senators and the President Ernesto Titeriez as hostages.

The Change in Government Act enabled the rebels to impeach Titeriez, and establish the coup leader, Adolfo Machiavelli as the President.

The FAG also attempted to take the Prime Minister as a hostage, but they failed after being unable to enter the Ministers' House in Gvonn.

Poor planning by the perpretators, and delay in the arrival in support aided in the civilians in fleeing the city, and the Alconbrian Navy lay siege to the town of New Alcacer. The pro-government military moved into the city within an hour and began firing into the parliament building and the Government House.

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