2012 Metsarbarros unrest
Part of Alconbrian-Malpuro conflict

Malpuros riotting in Insentte
Date 18 August, 2012 – 30 December, 2012
(4 months, 2 weeks)
Location The Metsarbarros
Result Unrest suppressed
Alconbria Alconbria Mlf MLF

Supported by
Altivebrio Altivebrio

Alconbria Ernesto Titeriez
Alconbria Laurel Copete
Alconbria Carlos Lluch
Alconbria Ignacio Guillotiner
Alconbria Rjeyar Arlcerex
Mlf Trentikaz Q'uq'umatz
Mcp Mateo Piqueras

Altivebrio Servando Goyena

Casualties and losses
12 dead
283 wounded
18,273 dead
~29,374 wounded
5,374 missing

The 2012 Metsarbarros unrest refers to a series of heavy rioting, protests and violence by the Malpuro Alconbrians against the Alconbrian army in the Metsarbarros due to the ratification of the second draft of the Malpuro Laws by the Léialegis, and the increasing Alconbrian construction in the Metsarbarros.

The uprising began on 18 August, 2012 in the Metsarbarros's second largest city, Surterreno where civilians affiliated with the Malpuro Liberation Party began rioting after their peaceful protest for separation yielded no results. The riots soon spread to other cities when the military and police were called off by Rjeyar Arlcerex. To deter further protests, Secretary of State Laurel Copete ordered the bombing of the The Holy Cross Hospital in Insentte, one of the three functioning hopsitals in the Metsarbarros. The Alconbrian Air Force destroyed the building, killing over 1000 protesters and patients.

Rahui Ceel, the President of the Mayan Liberation Party was hanged without trial on 20 August, 2012, multiplying the protests. By 24 August, most of the Metsarbarros was rioting.

Methods of protest include general strikes, riots, arson, kidnapping, molotov cocktail throwing at soldiers, hunger strikes, barricading, looting and allegations of suicide bombing and terrorism by the Government of Alconbria. On 30 December, 2012, President Ernesto Titeriez announced that the uprising was squashed, and honored the 11 fallen soldiers, and Tomas Spanni, the Alconbrian photographer who was kidnapped and executed by the MLF. As per government statistics, 18,273 Malpuros were killed and nearly 30,000 were wounded. 12 Alconbrians were killed (11 of them being soldiers) and 283 were wounded.