2010 Arelikaxcas'Tenm massacre
LocationKal'kaff, Metsarbarros
DateMarch 10, 2010 (2010-03-10)
08:12 AM - 9:22 AM (UTC -5.0)
TargetMalpuro civilians
Attack type
Mass murder
WeaponsZastava M77 light machine gun
RX KLS assault rifle
M4R assault rifle
Pipe bombs
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsMika Relova
Jenny Hillbridge
MotiveAlconbrian terrorism
AccusedAlconbrian Armed Forces
ConvictionsFine of §50,000 and 5 months military service
ChargesTheft of military equipment

The 2010 Arelikaxcas'Tenm massacre, also known as the Kal'kaff massacre was a shooting massacre carried out by two Alconbrian physicians, Mika Relova and Jenny Hillbridge, targeting Malpuro Alconbrians of the Kil'kaff town during their main religious festival of Arelikaxcas'Tenm. On 10 March, 2010; Mika and Jenny travelled to the Malpuro town of Kal'kaff, and opened fire on the Malpuros, leaving 68 dead and more than 245 injured, as reported by the Native Party's MHA.

Mayan Liberation Front volunteers from the village of Uyarxev, which was nearly 26 kilometers east were called on to kill Relova and Hillbridge, but the communication from the Village Council was intercepted by the Alconbrian Army, and two helicopters were sent to recover the assilants before they were killed by the MLF. An additional team went to bomb Uyarev to prevent the MLF from mobilizing, resulting in the death of 4 Malpuros.

Relova and Hillbridge sprinted to a roof as they were being pursued by the locals, and received the radio transmission of the helicopter team through a transponder held by Relova. The helicopter picked them up, and took them to a military base outside Old Flores, where Hillbridge was treated for her wounds.

The massacre led to widespread riots in the Metsarbarros, and the 2010 Insentte riots left 300 dead. In order to suppress the riots, President Paul del Santé ordered the deployement of the Border Security Force and the Opkerifforse in the metsarbarros.

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