2007 Playa Jardines shooting
LocationPlaya Jardines, Alcacer
DateMarch 1, 2007 (2007-03-01)
7:12 PM - 7:49 PM (UTC -5.0)
TargetAlconbrian civilians
Attack type
Mass murder
WeaponsAKS assault rifle
Glock 29 Auto pistol
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsTrri'lita Miguel y Rosa
MotiveMalpuro nationalism
Convictions8 sentences of life imprisonment, 416 months of highly secured imprisonment, 5000 hours of hard labour
ChargesMass murder

The Playa Jardines shooting occurred on 1 March, 2007, on the Playa Jardines park in Promenade, Alcacer, Territory of Alconbria. Trri'lita Miguel y Rosa, a 27 year old Malpuro security guard employed in Alcacer went to the park, and began firing at innocent bystanders, then stole a car and drove to his apartment, where he further began shooting and people, and finally fled to his room, where he was incapacitated and arrested by the police.

The attack instigated a shockwave across Alconbria, rapidly elevating the levels of anti-Malpuroism prevalent in the territories. It became the deadliest terrorist act carried out in the territories by a lone Malpuro gunman, succeeding the 2000 Avatoes shootout by 3 deaths.

The perpetrator, Trri'lita Miguel was a security guard who worked in a MereLTS warehouse in Tourva. He was a suspected member of the Mayan Liberation Front, and is suspected to have ties to the Servicio Nacional de Inteligencia. While the SNI denied any involvement, investigations by the Alconbrians said that he met at least thrice with an Altivebrian spy in the Malpuro town of Introje before 2006.

Following the massacre, Chief of the ALC, Paul del Santé said he would be "reconsidering decisions about the Malpuro state". The shooting led to several revenge attacks all across Alconbria, resulting in Month of Revenge, in which more than 500 Malpuros were killed by Alconbrian extremists before the Military of Alconbria intervened to stop it.

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