On New Year's Day, 1984, members of the Legiones de Pureza political party massacred 1,429 Alconbrians in the city of Puerto Pedro. The Legiones reportedly received support from the Escuadrón Vigilar and the Policía de Puerto Pedro.

The perpetrators entered the Maravilloso Hall, where 872 members of Puerto Pedro's Alconbrian community were organizing their New Year's Day party, and opened fire at the crowd. The Escuadrón Vigilar used tear gas to incapacitate the fleeing Alconbrians, who were then shot and killed by the LDP or the police.

After killing all of the party goers, they then stormed into Building XVII in Baja Rincón. The Escuadrón Vigilar fired three RPGs into the building, forcing the residents of the area to flee. The LDP then fired mortars into Building XVII, collapsing the building, and killing all of it's residents, numbering to be 514. The residents of the other building, who were mainly foreign workers and Altivebrians were not killed, and Building XVII had a 100% Alconbrian occupation.

By now, the words of the massacre had reached the media. The police reportedly asked all government institutions and educuational facilities to hand over their Alconbrian staff, which numbered to be 106. The 106 Alconbrians were executed publicly in Laczano Square by shooting, and by using a make-shift hanging platform.

Both the police and the Escuadrón Vigilar denied any involvement in the massacre, while the Legiones accepted it without any remorse. Alconbrian opposition parties blamed the government for allowing an ethnic cleansing to happen in the country, which had previously passed the Equality Act in 1975 to prevent such actions. President Felipe de Curtis denied to comment on this issue, sparking an international fury; while most of the Altivebrian politicians congratulated the LDP for taking part in a 'noble action'.

The massacre, combined with the ever prevailing Persecution of Alconbrians led to the formation of the Alconbria Liberation Council, which was composed entirely of Alconbrian political and militant organizations. In their first meeting, they decided that it was best for them to have their own state and began their insurgency in that year. In 2008, after a prolonged 24 year war, the Altivebrian government accepted defeat and recognized the Federal State of Alconbria.

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